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It’s that time of year throughout many states across the country…you know, when you put away the flip flops and take out the boots. It’s the time of year when coats and scarves become a regular part of your wardrobe. The beach and outdoor barbeques are just distant memories floating in and out of your mind.

While some people love winter and look forward to the beautiful dreaded snow, the rest of us are counting down the days to warmer weather. With cold weather comes snow and ice, which can really put a damper on our day-to-day routines. Between scraping ice off your car windows, or slipping in slushy snow at the train or bus station, there is nothing fun about winter when you need to travel. Let’s face it, life doesn’t stop just because it’s cold and icy outside. We still need to go to work, have social lives, and most importantly, we still need to have FUN!

If only there were super cool things to do indoors without compromising the awesomeness of the event. Oh wait, there’s cityHUNT!

Picture this: It is mid-January in NYC and you are in charge of planning the most epic office team building adventure of all time. So, naturally, you choose cityHUNT (duh) for your company event. You know your colleagues are sick of doing the same old thing. Low and behold, on the day of your event, the beautiful dreaded snow comes along and covers the sidewalks, streets and skyscrapers. As luck would have it, you chose to participate in one of our incredible indoor adventures and did not have a care in the world how much snow was outside. Everyone had an amazing time and your co-workers did not cancel because of the snow. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So what are some of our really awesome indoor events?

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Set off on an adventure with your team taking photos, making videos, and answering questions on an incredible scavenger hunt adventure scoring points along the way. Rack up the most amount of points in the allotted time period and go home as champions! While many of our scavenger hunts are done outdoors, we have plenty of indoor options in almost every city. These scavenger hunts can be done in museums, malls, stations, etc. You have a particular place in mind? We will build the game for you!

Unlock The Box

This event takes team building to the next level by mixing all the suspense of an escape room with the flexibility and competition of a scavenger hunt. Each team will compete to solve a series of clues that will unlock a series of hints that will reveal the combination to unlock the box. As teams solve the clues they will also gain points. the team with the most points at the set amount of time will be given the first opportunity to unlock the box and win the prizes.


Similar to Unlock the Box, except each team will be chained and locked together and will compete with the other teams to reveal the combination to unlock their chain.

Charity Games

Your group will come together to participate in a series of fun team building challenges that will ultimately lead to putting together items that will be donated to a charity of your choice. Each individual team will work together to complete these games and challenges that will be focused on your specific goals and skill set. Each challenge will test the team’s ability to work together in order to accomplish the task at hand. They focus on strategic planning, teamwork, communication, and outside the box thinking. These challenges will be custom designed for your group. As the teams complete each challenge round, they will be rewarded with the necessary parts or items needed for their chosen community service project. When all of the challenges are complete, the items will be ready to be donated!

Lip Sync Battle

Your group will be split up into smaller teams. Each team will choose a ONE MINUTE clip of your favorite song. The teams will then separate so they can work on practicing their own songs! Have each person memorize the entire one minute clip, or give each team member a different part… whichever way will make your team stand out amongst the rest, do it! Your team will have about an hour and a half to practice and make your performance awesome. Each team will get one minute to set up and one minute to perform and prove you are the best lip syncers out there!

So now that you know we offer some pretty awesome indoor events, what are you waiting for? Weather is no longer an excuse to do a boring team building activity. It is time to step it up a notch and have an epic adventure!!! Book your indoor team building event today!