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New York City is one of our FAVORITE scavenger hunting grounds.

…Maybe we are partial because we were founded in NYC…but still, it’s one rockin’ city!

We have been exploring New York City through scavenger hunts for over 23 years, and we still have yet to uncover all the mysteries it holds. With each new NYC scavenger hunt, we learn more and more about this beautiful city.

Join us for an experience that goes beyond mere sightseeing – a journey that will leave you with cherished memories, newfound knowledge about the city, and a stronger sense of camaraderie with your team. Get ready to discover NYC in a way you’ve never imagined with cityHunt! Learn about some of the neighborhoods we explore below, or visit our other city locations offered.

Whether you are looking for a corporate team-building scavenger hunt or a way to bond with your non-profit or school we have the most EPIC scavenger hunt ideas known to man!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the Big Apple as you embark on a thrilling urban exploration unlike any other. Our New York City Scavenger Hunt is the epitome of team-building excitement, blending culture, history, and fun challenges into an unforgettable experience. Visit our how it works page to learn more about our process, experience and more at cityHUNT!

Our New York City team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome New York City Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Pablo Picasso's 'Five Beautiful Women' at the MoMA in New York
MoMA – The Global Leader in Prestige Beauty

Strike a pose with Picasso’s beauties! At this stop, participants found themselves face-to-face with Pablo Picasso’s ‘Five Beautiful Women,’ a vibrant celebration of femininity with bold lines and captivating forms. The challenge? Snap a photo with this revolutionary masterpiece while channeling your inner supermodel and striking a pose that rivals the allure and elegance of Picasso’s abstract muses.

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Rockefeller Center - Atlas Statue
Rockefeller Center – Atlas Statue

Embracing the weight of the world! At this iconic location, teams encountered the majestic Atlas Statue, standing proudly at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 50th Street in Rockefeller Center. The challenge was to mimic the strength and poise of Atlas by taking a team photo that captured the essence of holding the world on their shoulders. Creativity and teamwork were essential as participants positioned themselves to mirror the statue’s grandeur, creating a memorable snapshot.

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Central Park - New York Marathon finish line location
Central Park – New York Marathon

Did you know that the New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world? For this ultimate challenge, teams raced to the iconic finish line in Central Park. The task was to capture the spirit of determination and triumph that defines this world-renowned event. Whether it was striking a victory pose or mimicking a runner’s stride, teams needed to embody the marathon’s essence in a photo that crossed the finish line with style and enthusiasm.

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Rockefeller Center - front of Radio City Music Hall
Rockefeller Center – Radio City Music Hall

A New York Christmas tradition since 1933 is the performance of The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall located in Rockefeller Center. For this festive challenge, teams had to channel their inner Rockettes and take a picture dancing in unison outside of Radio City. With high kicks and precision, participants aimed to capture the spirit of this iconic holiday performance, adding a touch of glamour and holiday cheer to their scavenger hunt adventure.

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Central Park - Central Park Zoo sea lion exhibit
Central Park – Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is home to polar bears, sea lions, monkeys, and a petting zoo, offering a glimpse into the animal kingdom in the heart of the city. For this wild challenge, teams had to locate the Central Park Zoo and snap a team picture with the sea lions, ensuring that the playful creatures were visible to passers-by. Capturing this moment added a splash of fun and excitement to the scavenger hunt.

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Madame Tussauds New York
Times Square – Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is renowned for its lifelike wax figures of major celebrities throughout history. The challenge for teams at this stop was to blend in with the stars by taking a picture that made them appear as wax figures themselves. Can you spot the celebrity wax figures in this photo?

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Washington Square Park – Washington Square Arch

Are we in New York or Paris? The stop was located at the Washington Square arch, which is 77 feet tall and is modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The challenge for teams was to capture a photo standing in the middle of the arch, ensuring as much of the arch’s grandeur was included in the picture as possible.

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Grand Central Terminal – Backwards Contellations

Did you know… The painting of the constellations on the ceiling of the cathedral-like Main Concourse in Grand Central Terminal is backwards. No one knows for sure how the mix-up occurred, but the Vanderbilt family claimed that it was no accident; the zodiac was intended to be viewed from a divine perspective, rather than a human one. For this challenge, teams had to take a picture of themselves looking confused by this fact in the Main Concourse.

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Why Scavenger Hunts?

We’ve explored other team-building possibilities for over 20 years, and we always come back to scavenger hunts. We’ve found them to be the most rewarding, fulfilling and human way for people to connect that’s inclusive.

There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, athlete or nerd. There’s a place for you in a cityHUNT.

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