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Let There Be FUN!

“Fun is not just lighthearted pleasure.
It’s not just for kids, and it is definitely not frivolous.

Fun is energizing.
Fun makes us present.
Fun also unites us.

The secret to long-term happiness is just to have more everyday moments of fun.”

-Catherine Price,

Heath and Science Journalist

The Antidote to Isolation

cityHUNT provides deeply fun bonding experiences that combine positive psychology, gamification and mindfulness via all-inclusive scavenger hunts.

Unlike generic team-building exercises, our hunts are fully immersive and adaptable to any industry or company size. Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, we have the experience, expertise and passion to deliver an unforgettable event.

We Can Build A Custom Scavenger Hunt In ANY City!

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Happy Hunters

See cityHUNT on the TODAY show with Hoda and Jenna!

Why Scavenger Hunts?

We’ve explored other team-building possibilities for over 22 years, and we always come back to scavenger hunts. We’ve found them to be the most rewarding, fulfilling and inclusive way for people to connect.

There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, athlete or nerd. There’s a place for you in a cityHUNT.

Charity Initiative

Make Awesome for Others

At cityHUNT, we’re passionate about spreading joy and positivity far beyond our corporate team-building events. This is where our charity initiative, Make Awesome For Others (MAFO), comes into play. Inspired by the simple acts of kindness that transform ordinary days into memorable experiences, MAFO embodies our commitment to community and collective well-being.

We build.

You bond.

We truly love the work that we do. Our customers come to us because they’re genuinely interested in curing isolation and increasing positivity among their colleagues.

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