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CityHUNT Team Building Scavenger Hunts

How It Works

Just go ahead and fill out our request form and introduce yourself.

We’ll talk, and together we will plan the most epic event ever!

Your awesome team building event takes place and is a HUGE success!

The next day at the office you are crowned the company HERO!

Why A cityHUNT Scavenger Hunt Works

Here at cityHUNT, we believe that a team that solves creative challenges for fun will inevitably perform better in the workforce. We specialize in crafting team building events that allow any group to learn to excel and solve challenges head-on with a spirit of camaraderie, whether they are an office task force, a sports team, or even a group of friends looking to mark a special occasion. The urban environment is filled with opportunities to explore, discover, and create new memories: we help you find ways to celebrate it.

A cityHUNT Team Building Event Helps

  • Encourage team members to build deeper relationships
  • Improve confidence of workers
  • Encourage out of the box thinking
  • Improve communication
  • Educates WHILE having fun
  • Help promote positivity
  • Bolster workplace happiness
  • Incorporating techniques from the practice of positive psychology (such as flow)

What People Say About cityHUNT Scavenger Hunts

cityHUNT did an amazing job of planning the Pepsi Scavenger Hunt.

Sonia Jain
At the end of the day [cityHUNT] helped my group get jazzed and motivated about working as a team. Thanks!
Susan Andrea Sztuka
I highly recommend cityHUNT… We are already looking forward to doing more events with cityHUNT in the future.
Charles Callery

Choose From Our Most Popular Cities

Each cityHUNT team building scavenger hunt adventure is customizable and unique. No matter what location you choose, you can be sure that our expert team will be sure to tailor your adventure to the city you are in. Our team takes pride in making sure that we create complex urban adventures that are unique to your companies, needs, desires and wishes.

Here are a few of our HAPPY clients…

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