Make Awesome for Others

Imagine for a moment that you’ve had a hard morning.

Work is demanding, your team is losing morale, and you’re running out of ideas on how to help. It’s a little chilly, and you’re waiting in line for that savior cup of coffee before heading into the office for a long day of budget talks.

You pull up to the window, and a smiling face greets you and places a steaming cup of coffee in your hands. As the warmth starts to seep in and the smell of fresh grounds meets your nose, she says, “The person before you bought your coffee today. Enjoy your morning!”

You gaze after the stranger rolling away, welling up with gratitude, and suddenly, your day feels ok.

It feels doable. It feels good again-all for less than three dollars and a stranger willing to give a little piece of joy back to the world.

We believe it’s moments like these that connect us in community, making us stronger, more peaceful, and able to conquer hard things. While we can’t buy everyone a hot cup of coffee in the morning, we decided to join the global collective of paying it forward.

Researchers have found that someone standing alone perceives a hill to be 30% steeper than someone standing amongst friends.

It was with this in mind that cityHUNT founder and CEO, Ben Hoffman, first came up with the idea of MAFO-Make Awesome For Others.

The idea was not well received at first. After all, giving away services seemed counterintuitive in the competitive market. But Ben knew that the future of cityHUNT lay in creating not just a business, but a dynamic group of pioneers committed to deliberate positive change in every community.

MAFO Helps Support The


who cannot afford a cityHUNT experience through the use of scholarship programs.

MAFO recipients are food banks, schools, military groups, non-profit organizations, animal welfare groups, and any client that is working to make the world a better place.

We are committed to impacting 10 million people a year through our programs. We believe that improved employee retention, boosted morale, and FUN should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the budget size.

To date, we have given away over $400,000 to supplement budget shortfalls for organizations who are out there changing the world. And we can’t do it alone. Your referrals are vital to our mission of connecting our resources with the changemakers that need them.

If you believe that your community, friends, and colleagues deserve more awesome:

  • Pay it forward to schools and nonprofits so they can get in MAFO scholarship program
  • Leave us a review to help get the word about MAFO
  • Share on social media
  • Tell the changemakers in your life that we are here for them

Be A Part Of MAFO.

At cityHUNT, we’re not just changing the way teams play. We’re changing the way they connect, communicate and thrive. To contribute to our Make Awesome For Others initiative or to apply as a recipient, contact us today.

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