About cityHUNT

In the realm of corporate monotony, a beacon of fun and engagement emerged…

Born in 2001 as a scavenger hunt pub crawl experience, cityHUNT was revolutionized when co-founder Ben Hoffman discovered the transformative power of gamification and positive psychology in the workplace.

Our mission became clear:

To Impact


by fostering better work environments and creating stronger, more productive relationships. This mission was not just a goal but a calling, deeply rooted in Ben’s passion for bringing people together.

Our Evolution

Over 20+ years, cityHUNT has evolved into more than a team-building company. We’ve become a movement. A movement that combats isolation and promotes mindfulness, happiness and deep social connection.

Inspired by research from prestigious institutions such as Stanford and Harvard, we have refined our approach to ensure that our scavenger hunts are not just fun but also scientifically grounded.

We Build Our Hunts

Around the

Three Pillars of Fun


Embracing a spirit of lightheartedness and freedom.


Connecting with others through shared experience.


Complete immersion — to the point of losing track of time!

The cityHUNT Experience

At cityHUNT, we believe in the power of play. Our Adventure Guides and Producers, not unlike stage performers and writers, craft experiences that are immersive and exhilarating. Every hunt, every challenge is an opportunity for teams to bond and to experience gratitude and kindness – the very elements that often win our games. It’s an experiential theater where everyone becomes part of the show while creating memories and connections that last.

Beyond Entertainment

Ben’s journey across the globe, exploring how different cultures experience fun and connection, has infused cityHUNT with a unique philosophy. We see our scavenger hunts as a vehicle for healing – from workaholism, corporate burnout and the relentless pursuit of growth. It’s our way of giving back and ensuring that moments of oneness and transformation are accessible to all.

Charity Initiative

Make Awesome for Others

Our commitment to positive impact is embodied in our Make Awesome for Others (MAFO) initiative, a program that thrives on the generosity and success of our corporate clients. Funded by proceeds from these clients, MAFO embodies our commitment to spreading abundance and prosperity.

We’ve given out $400,000+ in discounts and scholarships to non-profits, schools and purpose-driven organizations.

This program is the heart of cityHUNT, offering our experiences to those who might otherwise miss out on the joy of team building. It’s our way of ensuring that no company or group is left behind, regardless of budget.

Our Beloved Hunters.

The most rewarding part for us? Our customers. They come to us not just for fun but with a genuine desire to break the chains of isolation and loneliness. We see the change in them – the hesitant participant who leaves with a smile, the team that discovers new layers in their relationships. As Ben often says, witnessing someone discover a colleague’s hidden greatness is what makes this all worthwhile.

Our Team

Paige “Zai’Ra” Clarke

Advisory Committee Chair

Justin Walker

Producing Creative Director

Brandon Ward

Director of Opportunities

Kari Twyman

Engagement Producer

Candy McLellan

Engagement Producer

Join Our Adventure.

At cityHUNT, we’re not just changing the way teams play. We’re changing the way they connect, communicate and thrive. Join us on this journey of fun, growth and heartfelt experiences. Together, let’s change the world! One scavenger hunt at a time.