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Welcome to the City of Angels, where team building meets adventure with our exhilarating Los Angeles Scavenger Hunts! Get ready to explore the vibrant diversity of LA’s neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems in a unique and engaging way. Our Los Angeles Scavenger Hunts is more than just an activity – it’s an immersive experience that seamlessly blends collaboration, creativity, and discovery against the backdrop of this dynamic metropolis.

Join forces with your team and embark on a captivating journey through the sun-soaked streets and legendary sites of Los Angeles. From the star-studded Walk of Fame to the stunning Santa Monica Pier, our expertly designed challenges will inspire you to solve clues, capture incredible photos, and interact with locals, all while uncovering the city’s fascinating history and culture. Learn more about how it works.

Elevate your team-building activities in Los Angeles with cityHUNT and turn your outing into a memorable journey of camaraderie and exploration.

Let the city’s unique blend of entertainment, arts, and lifestyle become the backdrop for strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories. Join us as we transform your visit into an unforgettable escapade, where learning and laughter go hand in hand, and your team will discover LA in a whole new light.

Our Los Angeles team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Los Angeles Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Hollywood Boulevard – Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood Boulevard – Marilyn Monroe

On the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, teams encountered the glamorous Marilyn Monroe wax sculpture, a tribute to the legendary star. The challenge was to capture a photo of a teammate fitting their hands into Marilyn Monroe’s handprints, a symbol of the lasting impact of her star power.

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Hollywood Boulevard – Muhammad Ali

On the famous Hollywood Boulevard, teams had the unique opportunity to interact with the only star mounted on a wall because this person did not want his star walked on – which is that of the legendary Muhammad Ali! The challenge was to capture a photo of at least two teammates posing with Ali’s star.

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Santa Monica - Ferris Wheel on the pier
Santa Monica – Ferris Wheel

Clue: the iconic Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier, where seats circulate round and round, high up into the air, all while being located over water. Answer: The Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier! At this iconic Ferris wheel, seats circulate round and round, high up into the air, all while being located over water.

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Beverly Hills - Anderton Building
Beverly Hills – Anderton Building

Conga on Rodeo Drive! In 1952, Frank Lloyd Wright completed his last Los Angeles building, the Anderton Court Shops, a stylish three-story group of shops on the fashionable Rodeo Drive. Participants had to dance their way into a fun and lively photo, showcasing their teamwork while paying homage to the architectural masterpiece that adds a unique charm to the world-renowned shopping street.

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Venice Beach - Muscle Beach Venice Gym
Venice Beach – Muscle Beach Venice Gym

Flexing at Muscle Beach! For this challenge, teams had to gather in front of the iconic Muscle Beach Venice Gym and strike their best muscle poses. The goal was to capture a photo that radiated energy and determination, embodying the vibrant fitness culture that Muscle Beach is celebrated for.

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Teams ventured to the area in front of the Arena, where bronze statues of iconic Lakers players stand in honor of their contributions to the sport. The challenge was to take a photo of a teammate imitating the pose of one of the bronze statues of legendary Lakers players in front of the area. This team chose to pose with the legendary Magic Johnson.

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Pershing Square - Earthquake fault line walkway
Pershing Square – Earthquake Walkway

Did you know… In Pershing Square, there is a walkway representing an earthquake fault line that runs under Los Angeles. For this challenge, participants had to find this walkway and take a picture of the team pretending to be shaken at the fault line walkway.

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Downtown LA – Grammy Walk of Fame

You’ve probably heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but do you know about the Grammy Walk of Fame?
The Grammy Walk of Fame is a tribute to Grammy Award winners and other artists with iconic records. It is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame but specifically for recording artists and music industry professionals. For this challenge, participants had to choose their favorite ‘star’ and take a photo with it. This team chose to strike a pose with Adele.

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Why Scavenger Hunts?

We’ve explored other team-building possibilities for over 20 years, and we always come back to scavenger hunts. We’ve found them to be the most rewarding, fulfilling and human way for people to connect that’s inclusive.

There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, athlete or nerd. There’s a place for you in a cityHUNT.

Experience team building in Los Angeles like never before!

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