Why a scavenger hunt is more than typical team building

Team building is important now more than ever to your team due to the fact that:

  • 92% of people link their state of mental health to their jobs
  • 25% of all workers are depressed
  • Companies are losing over $3 Billion a year due to lower productivity due to corporate unhappiness
  • Only 20% of employees feel passionate about their jobs

cityHUNT helps your team to build stronger, more meaningful relationships to help combat the effects of negativity in the workplace. We believe in the power of positive psychology and that everyone should have a strong team to fall back on. Couple these two factors together and a business can thrive and become more productive than they ever thought possible.

We harness the power of positive psychology in our hunts. Negative outlooks narrow our thoughts and range of actions. This makes it hard for employees to think out of the box when solving problems. Our potential for success is greater when we approach a situation with a positive outlook. From the beginning of our hunts to the end a positive vibe is projected to your team from our staffs attitudes, as well as the nature of the tasks that are asked to be completed. Tasks in our hunt are designed to bring joy. When we experience joy/and or happiness our brains get flooded with dopamine and serotonin (the “feel good” chemicals). These chemicals don’t just make us feel better, they also increase the learning centers in our brains! This helps with:

  • Organization of new information
  • Retention of new information
  • Retrieval speed of information
  • Quicker thinking
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved complex analysis and problem solving

Your employees will be increasing their potential for success without even knowing it! They will experience the effects of positivity as they work through the challenges our scavenger hunt provides.


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