What is a city Scavenger Hunt?

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I bet you have heard of a scavenger hunt before. In fact, I am positive you are familiar with the term. And you have heard of tourism or being a tourist, or going on a guided tour before as well. Sometimes even long-time residents can feel like tourists in their own city. Believe it or not, most people do not venture out and see all that their wonderful city really has to offer. If you have not participated in a city scavenger hunt yet, you’re missing out. City scavenger hunts are interactive ways of seeing your city and having fun. In addition, hunts have numerous benefits such as team building and educational aspects. First things first, discover what a city scavenger hunt is and then how they work to benefit you personally. It’s time to get involved!


Why Hunt?

A city scavenger hunt combines both the worlds of scavenger hunt games and tourism to leave you with an exceptional way to see a city. This gamification allows for the discovery of things about a location you never knew existed! These hunts can be done in any city. Are you ready to hunt? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you curious to uncover what hidden secrets are lurking within these city streets?

  • Do you want to test your residential or geographical knowledge about a location with a city scavenger hunt?

  • Do you think you know everything there is to know?

Put that genius to the test! Part scavenger hunt, part tour, and part adventure. All of the best elements combined into one incredible experience: a city scavenger hunt.

The Tasks of a city Scavenger Hunt

So what exactly happens within a city scavenger hunt, you ask?

  1. Participants are divvied into teams and given different paths. Paths are different ways to complete the same city hunt, just varying the order of locations and clues.

  2. Teams work with their teammates to uncover, decipher and decode complex riddles, clues and hints.

  3. Teams will get questions that range from performing silly acts of randomness for points to collecting miscellaneous objects. All while educating individuals about their selected destination.

  4. Enjoy the event! City scavenger hunts are designed to engage individuals in a fun, interactive environment. City scavenger hunts are crazy fun ways of sightseeing, build relationships and partake in some outrageous fun!

  5. Have the opportunity to win prizes, and participate in a post event multi-media wrap up show

new york city cityscape The Benefits

  •   Build long-lasting relationships
  • Foster new friendships
  • Discover hidden truths about a city
  •  Establish a positive morale
  • Effective team building strategy
  •    Boost energy
  •  See your city in a whole new light!
  • … and have the time of your life!

City scavenger hunts are great ways to shed new light to your city! Are you prepared to witness so many unique qualities about your town? Plan your city scavenger hunt today and don’t miss another precious minute.

For additional information regarding city scavenger hunts, or help booking an event, visit www.cityhunt.com. We would love to assist you in any way possible!

Happy Hunting!

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