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Are you looking for the most epic scavenger hunt adventure ever? We’ve got you covered!

What makes our ULTIMATE cityHUNT Adventure so awesome?

We can accommodate ANY team size!

Large or small, we can build them all!

We can build in ANY city!

From NYC to LA and everywhere in between, cityHUNT’s expert team will be sure to tailor your adventure to the city you are in. We can even build an event for you in another country. You name the city, we’ll build it!

This is not the “typical” team building event!

Gone are the days of being forced to hang out with your coworkers at a boring office party or sit in a circle and complete silly icebreakers to work on team building. Your team will work together to solve positive psychology clues and challenges in a fun and creative way that will ultimately build stronger and more meaningful relationships. We believe that everyone should have a strong team to fall back on.

Our crew is committed to building you an EPIC EVENT!

Each cityHUNT scavenger hunt adventure is customizable and unique. Our team takes pride in making sure that we create complex urban adventures that are unique to your group’s needs, desires and wishes.

The Ultimate cityHUNT Adventure

Clues and Challenges:

Every cityHUNT adventure is jam packed with clues and challenges for your team to uncover and solve. We send the clues to your team in cryptic, unexpected ways to encourage everyone to work together. They are placed in various locations, including but not limited to: well-known landmarks, parks, and neighborhoods. The clues and challenges will be location specific, encompass team building, focus on your company, and will highlight top trends in pop culture. Your team will also participate in a team building activity administered by your guide. Each team member has to participate in order to complete this challenge!

cityHUNT Adventure Guide:

During the hunt, there will always be a guide (or guides depending on your group size) available to you. They will facilitate your event and get your team pumped up! We also have a helpline set up, that you can call if you need further assistance while on your hunt. Think another team is cheating? Let your guide know! The guide will also be viewing the photos and videos come in live and can award creativity points for the teams who go above and beyond!

Wrap Up/Multimedia Extravaganza/Evaluation:

At the end of each hunt, you will meet for a celebration of the day’s events. There is a slide show of all the photos of the day and the winner of the hunt will be announced! We will go over what your team performed well, areas that need improving and tools and strategies you can use for improvement. At the end of your adventure, you can expect a team with renewed feelings of bonding and problem-solving efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Book our Ultimate cityHUNT Adventure today!