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Every cityHUNT adventure is jam packed with clues for your team to uncover and solve. We send the clues to your team in cryptic, unexpected ways to encourage everyone to work together. Clues are placed in various locations, including but not limited to: well-known landmarks, parks and neighborhoods.

By mixing the suspense of an escape room and the competition of a scavenger hunt, Unlock the Box is sure to impress your team and lead to a great time. Each team will compete to solve a series of clues including brain teasers and puzzles that will unlock a series of hints that will reveal the combination to “Unlock the Box”. The team with the most points will then unlock the secret box and win prizes.

Bond with your teammates, have fun, and get in the holiday spirit during this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Mobile games where participants will simultaneously be contributing their strengths and talents to their teams; providing the ultimate team building experience on mobile devices.

cityHUNT and Cooking by the Book, two of America’s premier team building authorities, have partnered up to offer a truly spectacular team building event. We combine the adventure of a fully customized Scavenger Hunt with New York’s finest culinary hands-on experience.

In addition to making a contribution to this worthy cause, participants will simultaneously be contributing their strengths and talents to their teams; providing the ultimate team building experience with an added bonus: a rewarding and charitable outcome.

Challenging and funny, the game show event is something everyone can participate in. Whether you choose to play bosses versus all or break up into small teams, the game show team building events that cityHUNT puts on are some of the most fun team building activities available!

cityHUNT can use the unique experience of your hunt as a foundation for how to continue to build and develop specific skills that will increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness in and out of the office. Similarly to other adventures, participants will search for clues, take pictures and complete challenges… all while having FUN!

A good conference has to have a memorable feature – and cityHUNT has been enlivening conferences for 15 years. We can create customized games and activities that will ensure that your attendees are connected and plugged in throughout the event!

If the thought of your upcoming convention gives you the willies, give cityHUNT a call! We will create a spectacle at your next convention and will help your business get noticed – and remembered!

Creating a great fundraising event takes a lot of work. But how do you ensure that your audience understands you commitment to your mission? Why not enlist the talents of cityHUNT’s amazing event planners to create a game that connects your donors with your mission?

cityHUNT takes the classic scavenger hunt to the next level and creates a unique, fun and exciting event for all of your guests. This will be one birthday bash that no one will forget…and we will give you the incriminating photos to make sure!

Are you and your significant other looking to spice things up at the reception? Add a dash more of fun with the ultimate mobile wedding scavenger hunt!

What would make your bachelorette party truly stand out? At cityHUNT we specialize in creating fun bachelorette parties that will help your bridal party build powerful friendships, learn about each other, and have a great time – all on an amazing night on the town.

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