Wall Street Journal: Corporate Team Building with cityHUNT!


Back in 2011, the then CEO of the video production company called Snippies, Ed Bikales, hired CityHUNT for “the ultimate urban adventure” that focuses on employee retention through having fun and building meaningful relationships within the staff. Bikales wanted CityHUNT to get his employees engaged in team building, friendly interaction outside of the office, and to enrich their work-life, which are all the cornerstones of the workplace culture at Snippies.

Ed stated that “We had done it [a city hunt scavenger hunt event] because we wanted to build teamwork, we wanted to get out of the office, because we are all about creating a great work life and environment, and we accomplished that and it was a lot of fun”.

The employees of Snippies were split into three teams and engaged in the Unlock the Box Scavenger Hunt where each team was given a different set of clues to make sure things stayed interesting. This scavenger hunt had the teams compete to “unlock the box” and find the secret hidden treasure! They solved a series of clues that unlocked padlocks with the next clue. At the end of the game, the box’s secret combination was revealed! As the teams solved the clues and took photos and videos they will gained points for their teams. The team with the most points at the end got to unlock the box with the treasure!

When the Wall Street Journal asked Bikales how he measured the results of success from the CityHUNT scavenger hunt, he said that he didn’t have a specific measure but that he could tell his employees were having a great time during the event, and continued talking about it all week. He noticed the mood in the office was more upbeat, people were laughing, and he could tell they had joy in their eyes.

Turnover rates in the video production industry are high due to the nature of the work, and Bikales is proud that is not true for Snippies. He attributes that low turnover rate to pay, benefits, and the out of office experiences such as scavenger hunts that help to improve workplace culture. In the hopes to “attract the best and brightest in the field”, and show them that Snippies is not just about “grinding it out but being human and having fun” in the work that they do, Bikales hires companies like CityHUNT and works to make the workplace a fun and positive place on a daily basis.
If you and your organization are looking to have a positive experience like the employees at Snippies, are even a little curious about what we offer, or are completely ready to commit to changing your team for the better, call us at (1-877)-HUNT-FUN or fill out our risk-free contact form to simply start the conversation today! When you fill out a form, you are taking the first step in making your employees, students, or volunteers even more awesome.

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