The Top Corporate Team Building Activities New York Companies Love

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Suggestions for team building activities in New York

Blog photoWhen choosing a team building activity in New York you have many factors to consider: budget, time, location, number of employees etc. Don’t get caught up in these logistics. The most important thing when planning a corporate team building activity is to choose one that will be successful. How will you know which events will be most successful? We have found that the most successful team building experiences are the ones that the employees enjoy. To figure out which activities employees will love: look to past team building experiences in the company, pull an idea from our suggestions, or contact us for a consultation, cityHUNT LOVES to help create corporate team building events.

Make sure it is not all at the office

Team building activities that take place all in the office may seem like additional work to the employees. Even though what they may be doing is outside of their normal scope of responsibilities because of the environment they are in they may still associate on a conscious or subconscious level, anything that occurs in the office with work.  Hold the orientation for the activity at your office if you must, then spring everyone and head off for your adventure. Your employees will thank you.

Take advantage of the city

If you are going to have a corporate team building activity in New York, why not take advantage of being in New York City? You could have your employees learn the secrets of Grand Central, enjoy the nature of Central Park, or learn about other areas of the city that they are not familiar with.  Indulge the natural curiosity in us all and set your employees up with the opportunity to learn more about the city they work in.


Get moving

Exercise causes the body to release mood boosting hormones. If you want your team to get a mood boost, be sure toinclude some form of light exercise into your activity.

Create or learn something

One sure fire way to get your team having a great experience together is to have them engage in creating something or learning a skill.  Favorite activities we like to recommend are wine tasting, DIY crafts,  and cooking classes.

Scavenger hunts

The most successful team building events will be ones that combine a few of the elements for team building activities that we have listed above. In doing so you will provide more opportunities for your employees to take something positive away from the event. cityHUNT has found the best way to combine, getting people out of the office, taking advantage of the city and getting people moving is to do a team building scavenger hunt.  These events take place outside of the office, require walking, and lead team members to explore the city. It’s a three for one deal in team building!

Remember, happy employee = happy company, happy company = happy employees.  You should strive to make your team building activity in New York, a positive and fun learning experience for your employees.  As always if you do not have the resources to devote to planning a proper team building activity, cityHUNT has your back! We will help you plan a custom scavenger hunt team building experience that will leave your team no choice but to be happy with the experience.

We would like to hear about team building experiences you have had in NYC that you thought we great. Please comment and tell us about them.

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