The Power of Autonomy

What is Autonomy?

It is crucial that one is able to feel comfortable sharing knowledge and new ideas in the workplace. However, if you feel like you are being harshly judged and monitored it is easy to feel like you are being suffocated. As a result your creativity and productivity could be hindered because of the culture of your company. One way to feel more comfortable within your work environment is to gain autonomy within your place of work. What is autonomy? Keep reading to find out because its powerful.

Corporate team demonstrating autonomy

Autonomy is defined as: the condition or state of having independence or freedom; self-government. It is a state that humans seek within their relationships, decisions, and work. Autonomy or the lack of autonomy plays a huge role in the level of satisfaction that individuals have with their current work positions. A workers motivation has a direct link to the quality of work that he or she produces. Motivation can be driven from the ability to make decisions for one’s self and the feeling of freedom to create and thrive within the workplace

The Benefits of Employees Achieving Autonomy Within the Workplace

Obtaining a level of autonomy among employees has the ability to promote:

  • A higher production level within the office.
  • Motivation for employees to see satisfaction among clients.
  • A greater desire for workers to begin the day and follow through with tasks.

Autonomy can happen because these elements are eliminated from the workplace.

  • The anxiety from feeling constantly monitored.
  • A notion of inferiority that is associated with the inability to make decisions for one’s self regarding their work.
  • The belief that one’s actions and ideas do not matter and are meaningless.

For more information watch this highly informative video produced by the RSA on autonomy in the workplace.

How to Facilitate Autonomy For Your Team

Although there are many different tactics that can bring autonomy to your team, we believe that team building is the most effective strategy to bringing long lasting cohesion to groups. The corporate team building events have the ability to provide your team with a day to spend cultivating change within your office space. Facilitate a day of freedom within your team by ensuring that they have:

  • The opportunity to work together in a comfortable and open environment.
  • A chance to all contribute to achieving a common goal.
  • The chance to open the line of communication while having a fun and productive day.

The events that cityHUNT organizes seek to inspire long term change within your teams to see what we can do for you visit our site.

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