St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt

The Month of The Irish

The month of love is quickly coming to an end and a new month is about to begin. For many people, it’s just another month and just another day. To others, it is a new beginning… a new start every 30(or so) days. With a new month comes new adventures!

So, what does the month of March mean to you? It could be the month you or a loved one were born or maybe it is the month of your favorite holiday. Whatever your connection is with the month of March, why not celebrate it? Each month has one or more special celebrations to it. Did you know that in March there is a day dedicated to puppies — National Puppy Day? There’s also Popcorn Lover’s Day and National Be Nasty Day (how about we DON’T celebrate that one). But seriously, National Puppy Day?!?! Sign me up!!! There is literally a celebration for each day of the year. #CelebrateEachDay

In cityHUNT world, we get excited for each new month as it approaches. We are particularly excited for the month of March. Here’s why:

Well, first things first, for those of us in the northern part of the America, the majority of us are really looking forward to warmer weather after a pretty cold winter. March marks the very first day of spring and that in itself is enough to be excited about. After a cold winter, who wants to sit inside? Most people want to get out and enjoy the fresh (and not so bitter cold) air.

As a team building company that specializes in scavenger hunts, most of our clients prefer to participate in these adventures outside in the city of their choice. Yes, we do have indoor events, but there is just something special about the outdoor adventures that our clients absolutely love. The warmer weather offers more of an opportunity for our clients to choose the locations they really want to explore!

We might be losing an hour of sleep one night, but it’s worth the extra sunlight throughout the day, am I right? The days get longer and the sun stays out later. It’s a pretty good feeling getting out of work and it is no longer pitch black by the time you get home. That extra daylight that increases each day gives you an extra boost of energy to get things done. Many of our cityHUNTers have to participate in their scavenger hunts after their normal working hours. This could mean a 6pm start time in many cases. With daylight savings time, they can still have their team building adventure in daylight as opposed to navigating around the city (sometimes a brand new city they have never been to) in the dark.

It’s party time!! There’s no better college celebration than Spring Break! A whole week off of classes and so much time to have fun! Spring Break is the perfect week for the sports teams, fraternities, sororities, and other groups to work on their team building skills with a cityHUNT adventure! Whether you’re staying put or heading down to Miami to “party in the city where the heat is on”, we can customize your adventure however you want! Want to make your scavenger hunt one big bar crawl? cityHUNT has you covered!

4. St. PADDY’S DAY!!
What more can I say? Who doesn’t love St. Paddy’s Day!? Let your Irish heritage flow from your soul and celebrate the right way! Not Irish? Put on some green and just fake it! Everybody is a little Irish on St. Paddy’s Day! Maybe you are looking for something fun to do while hanging out with a bunch of your friends. I mean, a bar is fun and all, but why not incorporate some of your favorite Irish pubs into your cityHUNT scavenger hunt? Get all decked out in green and orange and venture through your favorite city while enjoying an incredible St. Paddy’s Day themed scavenger hunt with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. If you’re in college and your spring break is the same week as St. Paddy’s day, that’s a double win! Sláinte!

Check out the cityHUNT website ( and see what kind of awesome adventures we can build for you this March! We are booking up fast so don’t forget to mention this blog post and get a special discount on your adventure! #HappyHuntingMoChairde!

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