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The Foundation of Positive Corporate Culture

Always end the day with a positive thought no matter how hard things were. Tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better The philosophies and values of our founding fathers continue to shape American culture, as well as our collective identity as Americans. Just the same, the attitudes of the individuals who found and lead companies mold the corporate culture of a company. Corporate culture represents the collective actions and motivations of individuals who are part of a corporation; as well as the connotations that are connected to their actions. These collective values can be positive as well as negative and not only have the power to effect the work environment but also the work that is produced.

So how do these philosophies circulate throughout companies? Leaders within companies set the foundation for these factors:

  • The level of growth and success is aimed for.

  • How clients are regarded and dealt with.

  • The manner in which employees communicate with each other.

  • The general level of respect that is held of others both within and outside of the company.

As the leaders are the individuals who have the power to decide what roles are held within the organization, they have the power to shape the standards that must be met by employees. When positive ideologies are demonstrated by leaders within companies, standards are set that team members will in turn follow. This will allow positive corporate culture to be cultivated within the body of the organization.

How to Acknowledge a Lack of Positive Corporate Culture

If you feel that there is a lack of positive corporate culture within your company, the most productive step for you to take is to raise this point to your team’s attention. Ignoring this problem will only allow negativity and apathy to sink deeper into the culture of your organization.

  • Open the lines of communication.

  • Bring your observations to your superior’s attention in a professional and calm manner.

  • If you feel nervous about discussing this topic, try writing out your thoughts before your speak to them.

  • If you are the superior hold a conference or meeting with your employees to examine whether or not others feel that there is a lack of negativity within your office.

 Strategies to Combat Negativity and Foster Positivity

In order to fight off negative ideologies that have been established within your organization, you may think about implementing these strategies:

  • Do not ignore small problems that arise with clients or coworkers. The most efficient method to ensuring that the small things don’t escalate into larger issues is to handle them as they come.

  • Ensure that individuals feel comfortable expressing thoughts and opinions in your work environment. When people feel valued they feel more comfortable. You can start to develop your relationships by implementing small gestures, such as asking a team member how their day is going.

  • Get your team out of the office from time to time. Foster relationships by allowing them to communicate within more open and relaxed environments. Take a look at the type of team building event that cityHUNT has the ability to plan for you!

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