Re-Vamping the Age Old Holiday Party

Happy coworkers dressed as reindeer at a holiday party

Bored of the same old office holiday party every year. Come on, we’ve all been to at least one, and you might even be planning a holiday party for your office right now. Leave the days of sub par baked goods and awkward conversation behind. Try something more exciting that will prove to not only provide your group with a meaningful bonding experience but a fun day as well. A Holiday themed scavenger hunt could be a great way to celebrate the holidays while engaging in a stimulating activity. Follow these tips and we promise that this will be an event that your group wants to come to and doesn’t just feel obligated to attend.

Why You Should Make Your Office Party a Holiday Party Scavenger Hunt

Instead of being cooped up in the office that you work in every other day of the year, use holidays as a time for your group to get out of the office space and get active! A holiday scavenger hunt will take your group on a thrilling tour of the city and save you from having to spend another holiday party not making headway in the relationships that you are hoping to forge with one another through events such as this.

 Reasons Why You Should Have a Holiday Party?

Boost creativity within your office.

  • Providing your group with a few hours of fun and autonomy has the ability to raise the level of comfort that individuals feel around each other.

Raise the level of comfort among your team.

  • When people feel comfortable around each other they can more easily express new ideas and thoughts.

Change the dynamic of your team.

  • When working towards very large goals and projects many can start to feel as if their work is not reaping immediate effects. Providing your team with smaller and more tangible goals can leave the opportunity open for every member of your team to feel valued.

Make sure that no one is left behind.

  • You may be an introvert or have team members who are less likely to collaborate and participate in events. A game that demands that every person contributes gives a chance for members of your team to contribute who may not have under different circumstances.

Celebrate the holiday with some cheerful fun!

  • Give your team something to look forward to. Relish in the joyfulness of this holiday and spend the day scouring your city for clues while spreading some Christmas cheer among your team!

 How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Party Scavenger Hunt

  • Choose a location for your group to explore that will be decked out in holiday decorations in order to make for a fun filled holiday hunt. In the past we have planned holiday scavenger hunts in amazing locations such as Grand Central Station in NYC
  • Incorporate philosophies of your organization into the challenges and tasks of the hunt in order to make for a productive experience. You want the money to spend on events such as these to ensure that your group has a great time but also that it strengthens the methods in which they will work together in the future.
  • To check out some of the events that we can throw in your city or to inquire about a possible event visit our site!

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