virtual holiday party

New Recipe: Virtual Holiday Party!

Hey there friends!

Are you frustrated yet by the holidays? Everything’s different and nothing is normal. I’m scrambling to make sure that my festivities and traditions feel joyful and abundant, but even I need a little help sometimes. Good thing there’s always friends and family to get us through the holidays, no matter what happens.

Here’s a recipe that will certainly make your holiday better: a Virtual Holiday Party.

This virtual party is part game show, part art project, part mystery round, and all awesome.

Our Halloween Virtual Holiday Party went so well and I’m so excited for everyone to engage in our festive next round! Create customized Team Building Parties for the Holidays with this easy recipe for a great time (Thanksgiving and Winter dates are almost sold out so please contact us for today to check availability or email us).

If you enjoyed my last recipe newsletter you’re going to love this one, and it’s even easier to engage in a great time! The Recipe for a Wonderful Virtual Holiday Party: 

  1. A batch of Friends and/or family
  2. A dash of Zoom or other video conferencing software
  3. A big pinch of your sweet self
  4. Bonus: One heaping helping of joyful holiday chair

CityHUNT takes care of the rest! Once you’re ready to go, schedule with us and we’ll make sure you have the most festive, most creative, most awesome holiday party possible! This “Best of” smorgasbord is sure to be a new addition to your holiday traditions, and best of all, it will bring your friends, family or coworkers together. 


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