Love Scavenger Hunt with CityHUNT

Love at the End of the Scavenger Hunt

CityHUNT is no stranger to unique, satisfying experiences. When it comes to games, trivia, and adventure, we’re always ready to curate new and exciting ways to thrill our teams and customers. 

When Ricardo reached out for a custom cityHUNT Scavenger Hunt, we were more than ready to make sure his experience was personal and fun. After a brief engagement, Ricardo admitted that there was more at hand than an awesome Scavenger Hunt—he was going to propose!

“I don’t know if your team mentioned to you that the idea at the end of the game is to propose to my girlfriend, I am really nervous.”

Elated, and more than willing to make certain the experience was a memorable one, we made sure to construct a game that was above and beyond!

After filling out a brief survey and going over the layout of the app, Ricardo was ready to go. Like all cityHUNT Scavenger Hunts, the game functioned as a team. A Technology Captain submitted photos and videos and took point during the adventure. CityHUNT Scavenger Hunts are comprehensive and active, and the challenges could be completed in any order. With his girlfriend Veronica at his side, Ricardo was ready to take the two of them through a memorable adventure in Central Park. 

What made the Hunt even more special is that it was specially curated around Veronica’s birthday! The happy couple, visiting New York City, played through a customized Hunt that was designed by the cityHUNT team based on a survey he filled out beforehand. Even though her birthday celebration was a “cover” for the TRUE reveal, it was special the entire time! CityHUNT was instrumental in both choosing the location of the Hunt and the exact spot for the proposal.

Ricardo was ready to put his proposal plan into place. At the end of the Scavenger Hunt would be an intimate and exciting reward—a special video. This would be a hidden challenge, a detour created just for Ricardo and his soon-to-be bride. 

They decided upon the scenic Gapstow Bridge for their final location, a place that would be private, iconic, and romantic. After their customized challenges were finalized, they were ready to go. The game—and the rest of their lives—would begin!

Armed with their Hunt Packet and ready to go, Ricardo and Veronica used the app to move through the game, solving challenges and having a blast. 

At the end of it all, Ricardo had fantastic news!

“Guess what? She said yes!!!”

Ricardo and Veronica’s custom Scavenger Hunt was a smash hit. They had a great time prowling Central Park for clues and playing games with the cityHUNT app. At the scenic Gapstow Bridge, Ricardo nabbed the ultimate prize!

“Thanks for everything you did and you created, we really appreciate it, everything was awesome!!”

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