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Indoor team building options

Grand Central Station So you have decided that you need/want to do team building. Deciding what to do for a team building event can be daunting. A typical go to is to do some sort of company outing. This can seem limited in the winter months which can make the task of team building may seem downright impossible. Luckily there are still many team building activities at your disposal during the winter months! You just need to turn your attention to indoor team building activities.

When deciding what to do for team building you have 3 types of options. You can do a team building, activity, workshop, or event. All have benefits, costs, and time commitments associated with them. The one thing they have in common is any team can benefit from them.

Team building activities

Team building activities, allow for practice of teamwork skills. Just as you did in school with homework and worksheets, team building activities can serve to strengthen your skills that will help you become a valuable member of your team.

Examples of Indoor team building activities are:

  • Ice Breaker activities- Perfect for introducing new team members
  • Logic Problems- These activities really get your teams collaborative juices flowing
  • Creative Problems- If you want to give your team a jumpstart in their creativity, start the day with this type of activity.

Team building workshops

Team Building Workshops are a more in-depth version of indoor team building. During this time you will analyze results of team building activities in order to properly apply what was learned to your team in order to improve upon it. The best way to do a team building  workshop is to identify an area your team needs to develop and call in a professional to facilitate the workshop.

Indoor Team Building Events

The best solution for winter team building events is to do indoor team building. Think about what type of event you would typically have, and then adapt it to an indoor location. Some of our top location ideas are:

  • Museums
  • Indoor locations, such as Grand Central Station
  • Laser Tag
  • Indoor rock climbing


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