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How to Combat Negativity in the Workplace

Your work environment should be a place of productivity and professionalism. It should also be a comfortable environment that you enjoy going to. Picture this. You are awakened early in the morning by your alarm, drag yourself to the bathroom to freshen up, look in the mirror, and immediately want to crawl back into the bed. It’s true, we all have our days. However, for many people this is their reality every single day that they go to work. Not only can a lack of motivation hinder your ability to efficiently function within your work and home life; negativity and dissatisfaction are toxic in the workplace. They can also easily spread to the attitudes of others that you work with. If you are facing a lack of motivation and energy, then it’s time to give your work life a makeover, and we are here to help you do it!

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How to Boost Positivity In Your Workplace

Stress, family dilemmas, and personal struggles can all add to a lack of motivation and energy in the workplace. Although you may not have control over all of the twists and turns that life throws at you, there are things that you can take charge of in the workplace that will make your days run a little smoother.

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

One of the worst things that you can do is to assume that the norm is to dread going your office and feel unsatisfied with the work that you are producing. In our culture there is a belief that you don’t need to be happy at the office place. However, you CAN be happy with your job and with the environment and individuals that you work with. The first step to changing the way that you view work is admitting that you are unsatisfied. The second is deciding to take responsibility for the state that you are in instead of jumping to another position or silently suffering. Use some of these tips to be proactive and take charge of your work life.

Internal Methods to Boost Positivity

Make your physical environment comfortable and tailored to your interests.

This may seem obvious, but putting pictures of loved ones or inspirational quotes around your work area can make you feel more at ease and in control in a stressful environment.

If you hit a wall take a break.

If you are working and you come across a road block that seems impossible to get around just leave for a second. Grab a coffee from a nearby shop, take a walk, or just go outside for a few minutes of deep breathing. Taking a breather gives you a chance to reboot and get some perspective.

Take pride in what you do.

The corporate world works like a machine. Tasks that may seem small function as one portion of a greater goal. Although at times it can seem like your work is meaningless, you matter and your contributions to your company matter as well. If not you wouldn’t have a job. Taking pride in your work can give you positive motivation and drive.

External Strategies

Get to know the members of your team on a deeper level.

Even though you may be cautious of crossing the friend/coworker line, bonding with the people that you work with can allow you to collaborate with each other on a more honest and familiar level.

Participate in company hosted events.

If your company hosts a retreat, cocktail party, or any other type of event; take the time and attend it. Yes, it may be eating into other plans that you have, but networking is key in the corporate world. Also, attending a company event could present you with the perfect opportunity to pitch the idea that you have thinking of to a superior that you may not mingle with on a regular basis!

Be honest with your superiors and co-workers.

Don’t constantly compromise yourself in order to placate those around you because in the end you will be the only one who doesn’t benefit. Instead, use your professional etiquette in order to bring the dilemma to light and negotiate a way to resolve the issue while voicing your opinion. Standing up for yourself will allow you to take charge of your path!

Change the way you speak

If you find yourself using a lot of negative connotations in your speech, attempt to take a more positive approach.  Give people the benefit of the doubt. Negativity is contagious! Try to resist the urge to join in on negative conversations. Negativity is a big black hole that sucks the energy from everything around it.

Practice random acts of kindness

The best way to combat negativity is to do kind things for others and feel the positive energy that comes from it. Maybe stick some change in a parking meter that you see has expired. Give up your seat on the train to an older person. Help a struggling mom get through a door with her stroller. Small random acts of kindness make you and the other person feel great and improve your mood, even on a bad day.

In Conclusion

Happiness and self-control are amazing motivators. When you are feeling controlled and unheard, it can lead you to feel undervalued. Feeling like you don’t matter can pollute your attitude towards work with negative connotations. If you want even more information on how to take charge of your happiness at the office check out our blog on autonomy!

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