Harnessing the Power of Positive Psychology

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An Intern’s Introduction to Positive Psychology

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So, you’ve successfully seized your first internship and all the jitters currently subsided. Before you know it, day one has arrived and the nervousness takes the reins. What do I wear? Am I educated enough? Little did you know how insignificant what you wear becomes when battling Mother Nature. Now let me tell you how I impressed my boss by making the history books for one-of-the-most-hilariously unfortunate-circumstances-to-happen-on-your-first-day. In addition, how my unlucky situation became an insightful discovery that changed my perspective.

How the Not-So-Good became the Good After All

Well, everyone knows the familiar adage, it could be worse, or how bad could it get? It is a general rule of thumb to never actually recite that line because the universe is anxious to prove you wrong! Yet we are all inbred with the invincibility mindset; the notion that nothing bad could happen to me. I mean, after all, what could possibly go wrong? To my amazement, many, many things could have possibly went wrong.

It is now day one and off I go with my boss’ corporate credit card on a mission to obtain an important piece of technology. After running into a complication with the store manager, I decided I should go to my car and inform my boss of the current situation. Suddenly it hit me. My keys were hanging from my car’s ignition behind locked doors! The keys were so peacefully dangling there, as if they were silently mocking me. At this point, the oh-crap feeling was quite overwhelming. With a defected hanger, two gracious police officers assisted me in what appeared to a third party observer as B&E.

Utilizing Positive Psychology in the Workplace

While most people would be frantic and worrying about losing their position (on their first day might I add), instead, I felt reassured. The CEO of cityHUNT found my situation humorous, which alleviated my worries. At that moment, I learned about the great foundation cityHUNT upholds while enhancing Positive Psychology.

Team building through Happiness at work and Positive Psychology are the platforms cityHUNT operates on. Positive communication manifests into a positive work environment. As a result, this atmosphere fosters productive and awe-inspiring services. Through my unfortunate encounter, I was exposed to the Positive Psychology and compassion of cityHUNT’s operating team.

The Silver Lining

There are no educational facilities that teach the youthful generation how to acquire a positive outlook, happiness, and workplace happiness. However, there are organizations such as cityHUNT providing people the opportunity to discover it while enhancing their general knowledge!

Maintaining a Positive disposition improves the relationships between those employed as well as involved. After all, Sometimes happiness requires a little hunting! Book or attend an event and discover your happiness. Hopefully, your memorable encounter with cityHUNT is not a result of car troubles! Happy hunting!

Become a fan of cityHUNT’s Facebook, linkedin, or twitter along with many other social media outlets even if basic curiosity is the cause of your visit. Participate in an event and share with cityHUNT all the laughter and fun experienced along the way, because every happy client deserves to boast. cityHUNT’s mission is to change the world one scavenger hunt at a time through the use of Positive Psychology.

This blog is brought to you by Rebecca Nathan and cityHUNT

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