Halloween Scavenger Hunt… Your New Tradition

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Halloween is right around the corner and our clients are asking us how we can take their cityHUNT adventure and make it a little bit more eerie! Of course there is no better way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve than to get dressed up in your favorite costume and parade around town asking for candy!

Adults can still do that…right? Okay, so maybe some of us have passed the Trick or Treating stage. Maybe it is time to upgrade the whole Trick or Treating routine to something way more awesome!

So, picture this: You decide on an epic cityHUNT scavenger hunt for your company’s Halloween themed team building event or just a night out with friends. You get all dressed up in a silly or scary costume and head out to your starting location to meet your group. When you arrive, you find out that someone was murdered in the city and the murderer is

still on the loose! It’s up to you and your team of “detectives” to figure out who the murderer is before it’s too late and they strike again! By now you’re probably thinking you should have dressed as a detective for this – but that’s okay, the outfit is just a fun perk! You and your team will wander through the city solving clues and challenges that will unlock important evidence about the murder. Your goal is to be the first team to solve the murder mystery and unveil the murderer!!!!

While the Murder Mystery event can happen anytime throughout the year, there is something particularly exciting for our thrill-seekers when it happens around Halloween! Don’t get caught at a boring Halloween party “dressed up” in the regular business attire you wore to work. Be the office superhero (don’t forget to dress the part) and book a Murder Mystery event with cityHUNT today!!!