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Great Options for Team Bonding Events

Guide and teams on a team bonding event

Here at cityHUNT, we believe that a team that solves creative  challenges for fun will inevitably perform better in the workforce. We specialize in crafting team bonding events that allow any group to learn to excel and solve challenges head-on with a spirit of camaraderie, whether they are an office task force, a sports team, or even a group of friends looking to mark a special occasion. The urban environment is filled with opportunities to explore, discover, and create new memories: we help you find ways to celebrate it.

Types of Team Bonding Events

There are as many types of exercises as there are groups, and we won’t hesitate to find something special that suits your needs. In the past, cityHUNT has organized many types of events for team bonding, including:

So it will be easy to find something that you and your group will love. Is your group interested in a scavenger hunt that stretches along the length of the city? What about a day building remote controlled racing cars? We guarantee that no matter what you choose to do, your group will have a fun-filled time participating in one of the most unique experiences of their lives. In fact, we’re so convinced that you’ll have a great time, that we guarantee the fun – or you get your money back!

Public scavenger hunts are another kind of unique event that are planned by cityHUNT, open to anyone and that offer an exciting activity for individuals or groups of any kind to work on team building. Combing across the city in search of landmarks, taking pit stops in high end stores, and finding ways to experience the urban environment in a new way are just some of the benefits of these events. A public hunt will encourage you to stop viewing the city as a grid of streets and buildings, and instead see it for the interconnected grid of sights and sounds that it is…all the while, connecting with your fellow hunters in the perfect, most entertaining team bonding event ever!

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