What Could Be More Fun Than a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt?


In a prior blog post “The Ultimate Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt: 4 Easy Steps” I outlined for you how you you could create your own Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt. I want to take the time now to elaborate on what the benefits of getting a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt customized for you by cityHUNT are. Most importantly we want to ensure a stress free and enjoyable experience for all!

Advantage #1: You Get Help with the Planning

Brides, and Maids/Matrons of Honor, we know you are busy! That is why we made help with planning the number one advantage. All you have to do is gives us details (we already have identified) and we start the planning process. We check in with you periodically to ensure you like what we are creating. What you want, we create for you. What could be easier than checking someones work to make sure you like it?

Advantage  #2:  Completely Unique Experience

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunts in them selves are different from the typical Bachelorette Party. Throw in the fact that no scavenger hunt is the same because we customize it for each client, and your experience is 100% Unique. No one will be able to claim that they did the same thing for their Bachelorette Party.

Advantage #3: You will have Tons of Photos!

Not that you will forget to take photos at the Bachelorette party, but this event ensures you get numerous hilarious photos.  What Bride wouldn’t want lots of photos from her special night? A cute wedding gift for the Bride would be to give her a photo album or scrapbook made out of the photos from the party .

Help with planning can take away the stressful edge of planning a Bachelorette Party. cityHUNT also offers Bachelorette Parties to fit any budget. So you won’t have to worry about having to nickel and dime everyone who is attending. We offer our typical Bachelorette  Party Scavenger Hunt and a Mobile Version.

cityHUNT is going to be launching a blogging initiative about Bachelorette experience. If you have been on a bachelorette hunt with us and would like to have a blog written about your experience, please comment below, connect with us on social media, or e-mail sam@cityhunt.com .

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