Four Effective Team Building Tips

A team that is in a human tower A collage of beautiful colliding colors creates an exquisite piece of art. Each individual paint splatter adds a different dimension to the finished work. You are a color with an individualized talent, so are the rest of your employees. Picture this: each employee cohesively works together as a team to create a magnificent product or positive work attribute. Just like all those different colors blending together to manifest into a great triumph, each employee is unique and equally important to the finished work of art. Team building is more easily described than exemplified. However, these four need-to-know tips are just the trick to alleviate all pains and aches. This is team building at its finest, made simple within four easy steps.

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Tip #1: Acknowledging the Difference

Workplace drama and miniscule arguments seem inevitable to avoid, but recognizing why it occurs can make a world of difference. Every individual has unique qualities, responsibilities, opinions, perspectives and objectives. Although butting heads with other employees is bound to happen, each co-worker is part of the same workforce. The first step to understanding why team building is so effective when implemented appropriately, is to acknowledging everyone. This will bring different angles to the discussion table. The strongest team is compiled of diverse individuals with different viewpoints.

Tip #2: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Friends in a group, one is giving a peace sign

Do you trust those you work with? Think about it seriously for a moment and consider this; The most common answersurrounding why employees have a tough time communicating or working with one another is a lack of trust. Sometimes building a foundation of trust for your employees, through increased and improved communication is all it takes. Other times, all it takes is effective team building strategies/games. No matter what method you choose, remember without your team trusting each other, working as a cohesive unit is going to be a challenge.

Tip #3: Want to Play a Game?

As mentioned earlier, team building games are effective ways to unite employees while having fun simultaneously! These games were created specifically for the purpose of uniting individuals under a common umbrella: FUN. The trust walk and the trust fall are few of the simple yet effective games you could do to increase employee relations. Sometimes motivation can be the missing ingredient, which team building games conveniently supply!

Tip #4: Reach out for Help When Necessary

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can’t produce the effects you want from your team building efforts. To get a team building boost you should consult the databases resources and companies eager to help you harmonize, as well as strengthen your workforce. For instance, cityHUNT is a scavenger hunt and experiential marketing organization founded on uniting even the most diverse employees. We work with you, for your teams’ benefit. Their pleasure is seeing a job well done, which results every time cityHUNT is involved.

Follow these 4 team building tips and you are sure to be able to create a masterpiece of a team. Or if art analogies are not for you; have you ever wondered why the strangest concoctions produce the most delicious foods? That is because each individual ingredient holds it own flavor. Employees are those ingredients, bringing diverse flavors and spices to each dish. Harness the power of team building and you have stolen the secret recipe to workplace success.

For more information about team building tips or events, check out for additional insights. Better yourself, your workplace, and employees all at once!

Happy Hunting!

This blog is brought to you by Rebecca Nathan and cityHUNT

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