Sign on wall with big red letters says "community is kindness"

Electing Kindness

We live in some crazy times.

It’s hard to feel optimistic right now. Really, it’s tough to think “Hey, kindness matters. Being kind to yourself and other people matters.” Despite everything going on around us, it’s more important than ever to reach out. Give someone a smile (yeah, I know, the mask thing). Buy someone a coffee (Venmo works too!). 

Send out that uplifting text you’ve been putting off. Check in on your friends. Do something unexpected for your family, or my favorite rock out a random act of kindness for a stranger. 

Elect kindness.

Pressure, confusion, and anxiety are so rampant in the world right now. Not gonna lie, I have touched the dark night of the soul, and experienced just how impossible it feels to Make More Awesome in those moments. 

So, spread some love. Make More Awesome For Others. Look for inspiration in your isolation. The key right now, I think, is to remember that despite the dread you see on social media or in the news, you’re surrounded by some awesome people. Despite feeling alone because of the pandemic, you’ve got some great folks rooting for you.

Choose growth. Choose Soulful Abundance. Choose kindness today, and everyday.

Thanks for reading this email. Thanks for listening to me. Thanks for attempting to Make More Awesome in the world, and thanks for electing kindness today, when you do. 

Thanks for staying on this journey with me.

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