To our AWESOME Cityhunt friends and family,

We firstly want to let you know that you are not alone.  As an organization run by real people and real families, we see the pressure and confusion happening all over the world, and we are with you.   

We have been closely following the evolving situation with the CDC’s recommendations for our collective wellness. As the message has come in loud and clear that it is time to actively encourage social distancing, we will not book any new hunts for March. However, taking the 7 principles of Happiness to heart, we are using this time as an opportunity to support connection, bonding, and growth in a new and innovative way.

We are SO excited to introduce  Ready, Set, Connect! Our first virtual CityHUNT adventure! We may not be able to be together in form, but Ready, Set, Connect! will keep us together in spirit! We invite you to get to know your team in a fun new way and nurture the bonds of social support that are so important during this time.

We also recognize that the economic impact of social distancing and lost work affects everyone. With that in mind, we want to provide a game for everyone that wants one. Our team members will continue to be there for you, every day. If you have been following us through our newsletter or social media, you know that CityHUNT is so much more to us than a business. We are in this together, and we will strive to make these connected experiences available for everyone. Through the additional support of our  MAFO scholarships we are committed to keeping our games accessible.

We anticipate a strong and beautiful summer of reconnection as groups, schools, churches, and families begin to come back together. We will continue to book through April and the following months with the understanding that we will all stay flexible as the situation unfolds. Know that we are here to work with you in an understanding of our collective wellbeing. 

In the spirit of “falling up”, a phrase that Shawn Achor has pioneered,  we know that in times of stress we can change the narrative of negativity and come together for healing and growth. We hope to take this journey with you and grow even stronger into our purpose. 

With all the love and light,

Ben & the CityHUNT team.

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