Corporate Team Building Events for Dummies

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How to get started with Corporate Team Building Events

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So, you want/think you need to do a corporate team building event. How can you be sure it is what you want/need? How would you go about planning/running an event? Never fear! cityHUNT is to the rescue. All you need to know to decide if you need a corporate team building event, and how to begin the process of planning your event is broken out below.

What are corporate team building Events?

Corporate team building events are tools that are used by corporations to promote the team building process.

What is team building?

According to the University of California, San Francisco, team building is an ongoing process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit.

What types or corporate team building events are there?

There are Corporate team building events that support the following objectives:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Problem-solving/decision-making
  • Planning/Adaptability

Corporate team building events can be done multiple ways. Each having different outcomes as far as what objectives they strengthen. Here a just a few suggestion:

  • Informational (in office or out of office)Seminars/lectures
    • Lunch and learns
  • Team bonding:
    • Team outingsGroup of men laughing
      • Bowling
      • Paintball
      • etc
  • Interactive Adventures
  • Learning a new skill
    • cooking class
    • pottery class
    • etc

Reasons to do corporate Team Building Events?

  • Your team is becoming unproductive
  • Your team is having problems working together
  • Your team is having a breakdown in communication
  • Your team does not trust each other
  • Your team does not know each other
  • You want to teach your team better problem-solving/decision making skills
  • You want to teach your team better planning/adaptability
  • Lack of accountability/ responsibility on the team
  • Hostility among staff members

Getting Started

  1. Identify which areas your team is weakest in
  2. Determine what objectives you want to approve upon based on the needs of your team
  3. Choose the activity that is right for your needs
    • Consider your team’s personality/dynamics
    • Consider what objectives you want to accomplish
    • Consider the pros and cons of what the team building event you choose offers in regards to what you want to accomplish

You are now one step closer to constructing the ultimate team building event and you’ve barely event sweat a pound! This how-to guide informs you about the importance of corporate team building. With the proper steps, adequate knowledge, and teamwork from cityHUNT, planning the perfect event is possible! Let cityHUNT be your sidekick as you triumph over dull, monotonous work environments! In the words of Pixar “To infinity and beyond!

Happy Hunting!
This blog is brought to you by Samantha Krause, Rebecca Nathan and cityHUNT

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