Corporate Culture and Team Building

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Influence of Corporate Culture

awesomeHow is your corporate culture, is it healthy? What are the positives about it, what are the negatives? Did you know that a companies attitudes surrounding communication and employee relationships is a large part of the health of a companies culture? Communication and employee relationships can be one of the toughest aspect of a company. Corporate Team building exercises can help to address these issues, or just strengthen you already positive habits. Below is an overview of the impact team building can have on corporate culture. We will explore topics related to this in more depth in blog posts to come.


The corporate culture of your company makes a large impact on how productive your company is going to be. Productivity is highly correlated off of employee performance. Employee performance is based off of the communication and relationships they have with others at work, their training, resources and work place happiness.

What makes a healthy Corporate Culture

A healthy corporate culture is one that fosters an environment where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to:

  • create
  • innovate
  • share
  • be motivated to help others and themselves succeed

How to create a healthy corporate culture

This culture is created when their is a dynamic of open communication through out the whole company. Everyone knows what is expected of each other, and knows that they are going to be treated with respect. These kind of attitudes are created by teaching employees what kind of communication/ attitudes are acceptable within your company.  One of the most efficient ways to achieve this goals is through team building activities. You can use them to:

  • Encourage positive interaction among employees
  • Teach a new skill
  • Bring everyone to a level playing field
  • Open lines for communication
  • Give the opportunity for creativity to be utilized

There are so many team building options out there to choose from, that you will be able to find one that is a perfect fit for your specific need. We encourage you to try multiple activities as to continually enhance your corporate culture. Look for future blog posts on specific team building activities to enhance corporate culture. If you don’t want to wait until then cityHUNT can help you out by providing you with a proposal for a scavenger hunt that is sure to be the chicken soup for your corporate health.

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