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Is anyone else crazy for fun? We are!  

If you are tired of the everyday mundane tasks in the office, and are looking to get everyone together for an epic day of FUN, you are in the right place!

You are probably here because you have an incredible, strong team and want to make it even more awesome. A customized team building scavenger hunt of your city is just what you need, and we are here to help!

What Makes CityHUNT Different?

We get it, the phrases “icebreaker” and “team building” probably makes you groan. But don’t worry, gone are the days of sitting in a circle playing “Two Truths and a Lie” and “Tell Us One Interesting Fact That You Didn’t Know About The Person Next To You”. At CityHUNT, we want you to get out of the office and spice things up, just like the employees in this epic, and painfully relatable, music video. Who hasn’t thought about jumping out of their office chair, throwing their papers into the air, and doing something much more awesome than plugging away at a spreadsheet.

This goes for schools as well! CityHUNT isn’t just for corporations. Students also benefit from jumping out of their seats, having some purpose driven fun, and learning more about themselves and their classmates.

CityHUNT bases all of our activities off of research proven, positive psychology methods that will help to increase the teamwork and ultimately the productivity within your office or organization.  

We are committed to giving you a unique and engaging team building game that breaks the mold, just as your team does.

What is a CityHUNT Team Building Scavenger Hunt?

Everyone has heard of a scavenger hunt or participated in one before, whether it be at school, with friends, with a club, or organization. Everyone has also heard of being a tourist with a guide that shows you the best a city or area has to offer.

CityHUNT combines these two activities for an innovative, unique, action-packed, and engaging experience for businesses, schools, and more! Many of us never venture out and see all that our wonderful cities have to offer because we become so used to our everyday routine, and our daily habits. There are multiple unlocked treasures right within your own city that you might not even know exist!

With cityHunt, your team will work together to solve clues and challenges in a fun and creative way. Participating in this research backed model of Positive Psychology and team building will ultimately build stronger and more meaningful relationships between your employees. We believe that everyone should have a strong team to work alongside each and every day, and we are here to make that dream a reality.

If you have not participated in a cityHUNT scavenger hunt, you’re missing out! In addition to participating in scavenger hunts that are interactive ways of seeing your city and having an amazing day, CityHUNTs have numerous benefits such as team and transferable skill building.

During your customized CityHUNT your team will:

  • Have a fun and memorable experience
  • Build relationships
  • Improve communication skills
  • Strengthen problem solving skills
  • Develop outside of the box thinking

All of our scavenger hunts are customized to your needs, so your team building game will be as unique as you and your team are!

Contact us to start planning your epic adventure!

Now this is the part where you stand up, follow the lead of this video, and throw your papers in the air because it is time to get outside and have the most epic day out of the office ever!
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