The most epic Greensboro, North Carolina Team Building Scavenger Hunt EVER!

Check out some of our 1,000,000+ cityHUNTers:

Discover some of America’s history in this intriguing Greensboro scavenger hunt.

This city is full of history from the Civil War and has the battlefields and monuments to show for it. That’s not all, Greensboro has incredible museums, galleries, science centers, breweries, parks and so much more. It is also home to one of America’s most renowned water parks. What more could you want from this super fun team building adventure?!

Our Greensboro, North Carolina team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Greensboro, North Carolina Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Lindley Park

Looking for the perfect getaway for you and your team? Do you like eating delicious foods and going out for drinks? Well never fear, Lindley Park has your back! Definitely check out Emma Key’s Flat-Top Grill, and then gear up for Walker’s Bar!

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Starmount Forest

Do you love the outdoors, or do you like being out in the open? If so, the Starmount Forest is calling your name! As whimsical as it sounds, this lush area is home to a lovely Country Club. It also boasts a “Natural Area” which Lake Hamilton Creek runs through! Come get the perfect pictures, and escape into nature!

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Irving Park

Home to the Pig Pounder Brewery, Irving Park is sure to excite all of your senses! Have a blast with your teammates drinking beers and, once you’re ready, take a walk around all of the different shops and parks surrounding you! This lively town has something for everyone.

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Scott Park

If you’re ready to have a wonderful time and make memories with your teammates, come on down to Scott Park, Greensboro! Get ready to cheer at Aggie Stadium, home of the Irwin Belk Olympic class track. Then, chow down on Skipper’s All Beef Hot Dogs! An all-American day which will be full of fun and surprises!

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Lake Daniel

This beautiful area of Greensboro is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature! Head over to the Lake Daniel Reservoir, which is surrounded by a lush park! North Buffalo Creek also runs through this park, which provides a perfect photo-op for your team! When you get hungry, chow down at Burger Warfare!

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Greensboro Scavenger Hunt Events
Oak Grove

Oak Grove is a lively place that is full of possibilities and opportunities for your team to have an amazing time! First, walk along Randleman Road to shop and check out all of the wonderful restaurants. Then, decide whether you want to hit up Sports Bar Merendero or eat at Coco Bondo first! It’s a tough decision, but you can’t go wrong!

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Why Scavenger Hunts?

We’ve explored other team-building possibilities for over 20 years, and we always come back to scavenger hunts. We’ve found them to be the most rewarding, fulfilling and human way for people to connect that’s inclusive.

There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, athlete or nerd. There’s a place for you in a cityHUNT.

Experience team building in Greensboro, North Carolina like never before!

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