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Announcing cityHunts Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt

Are you stuck in the office or your home, looking for something fun and creative to do while still observing proper social distancing measures? cityHUNT has curated fun, interactive scavenger hunts for your city and state that keep everyone healthy and smiling!

At cityHunt, we have worked to make our Social Distancing Scavenger Hunts as much fun as possible! Curated by your city’s current Phase and Social Distancing rules, we make sure to utilize our app to make for a fun hunt filled with clues, games, and more! We’ve received positive feedback from people who have enjoyed our Virtual and Social Distancing Hunts and can’t wait to share them with you!

We take groups of 5 or less and—using our cityHunt app, pictures, video and livestream—create a fun and interactive scavenger hunt that’s sure to be something you and your team remember for a long time! 

Our Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt happens from the safety and comfort of your car, using our cityHunt app to find and solve clues, hunt for locations and landmarks, and interact with others who are doing the same! The Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt is a 1-2 hour experience, an in-person exploration event that takes into consideration your city’s social distancing guidelines while maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere with your family or team. Via photos and video, you can see what other teams have done, compete for points, and find clues while enjoying spatial tasks following guidelines.

We created this Hunt so that it is possible to still have a blast while focusing on smaller groups and safety, while still engaging locally and falling in love with your city. The entire Hunt is played via our cityHunt app (same as our in-person Hunts!) and exploring within a 1-mile radius. We utilize this experience in over 800 cities and neighborhoods, always curated to the uniqueness of your area! Discover landmarks, solve riddles and clues, and utilize your own city as you take part in a Hunt that remains aware of proper social distancing. 

While still as much fun as our regular Hunts, we still make certain that all players spend most of the Scavenger Hunt in their vehicles, wear masks, stay courteous with strangers and most importantly practice all social distancing measures. You can get started with your Scavenger Hunt or Game Show, keep your in-person groups to the size of state regulations, and most importantly, have fun!

Since our Scavenger Hunt doesn’t rely on sticking together or occupying the same space, you can enjoy the Hunt while in smaller groups and then compare your photos and videos later. This keeps the Scavenger Hunt moving while your teams have a fun, exciting time searching for historical monuments or satisfying clues such as thanking a first responder or taking pictures of a landmark.

At the end everyone gets to see what each group has done and laugh together as one team! We know you’ll have fun comparing your results and laughing over what each group did differently.

Let us know how we can make our Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt work for you. Our crew can work within price, time, and social distancing guidelines and regulations to make sure that you maximize your enjoyment! Book a scavenger hunt with us today for your next team building exercise, family event, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or social event!

Check out our home page and book with us today!

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