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Am I alone in this?

Hi friends, 

I know your email boxes have been filled with tons of emails and I really appreciate you opening this one. 

As I mentioned in earlier emails my life was transformed drastically the last year,  but maybe all that change was getting me/us ready for this, this moment, this world, this change that is inevitable. 

Honestly, when this all started my initial reaction was to hide, I felt like everything was gone, but nothing was gone, it was just fear of the unknown, this feeling of darkness.

If everything I have been doing and saying the last year was actually true, I needed to acknowledge this darkness, work with it, and build more light around me.

Here are my top two tips for Making More Awesomeness for Others (MAFO):

1. Spread Love 

I called my friends and family and just let them know that I love them and that I was so blessed to have them in my life, this has had the biggest impact on me and I continue to do it every day. 

The biggest thing I’ve realized is a lot of people have gone into hiding (which I totally get), but through connecting, we feel the love and it started to spread and continues spread.

I love you everyone reading this right now, feel it, it’s true (don’t make it weird)

2. What can we MAFO right now?

My life goal has been focused on inspiring people to make more awesome for others, I try to impact 1 million lives a year mostly through cityHUNT.

Suddenly, Boom, that was gone.  In a flash all of those corporate team-building relationship-building experiences were gone into the COVID void, or so I thought. 

This forced me to ask the question, what can I do right now to MAFO?
In between hiding, being fearful and feeling sorry for myself, I was inspired. It took something bigger than me, something bigger than covid  to recreate everything I had been building for the past 20 years (I felt I had it all figured out, HA!!!)

The inspiration was simple, ‘What is an antidote to all this isolation?’

 From that question a mash-up of everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years around positive psychology, gamification and technology came to life. 

The key to covid isolation without deprivation is to maintain human contact. Human interaction is my favorite—  through a 2 screen experience using video conferencing and our mobile platform we were able to make that happen. 

We didn’t go it alone though, we asked some clients to play and they loved it! Our virtual experience has been out for a couple weeks now and tons of companies, schools, and groups are now loving and connecting through this experience.

Now we are asking you to MAFO your teams, friends, everyone:

If you’d like to learn more about our amazing game and how you can make awesome in this crazy time get in touch with us today, right here…
 877 486 8386

Budgets shouldn’t be an issue during these times and our goal is to get everyone playing through our  MAFO scholarship program, so no worries there. 

I have a bunch more MAFOs, but this email is so long already, love to hear about all the ways you are making awesome for others, feel reach me

All the love and light to you, 

Benny Peace Hoffman

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