#1 Corporate Outing Idea = Team Building Scavenger Hunt

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Why your corporate outing should be a Team building scavenger hunt

Oh, Corporate outings… Where should you go and what should you do is the question. The options are endless. Women climbing out of the trunk of a  cab
However, the options for an effective and F-U-N outing are limited. Do not fret, within this blog I have disclosed the secret activity that will leave your employees on the edge of their seats. Aren’t you tired of the workplace tension? She does not like her, and he won’t sit at the same lunch table as him… time to untie those work kinks. A team building scavenger hunt prys open even the most stubborn personalities and expose them to boatloads of fun and knowledge.

One Foot In the Door

The challenge is to figure out what it is that you want to accomplish at your corporate outing, and this differs for every company. At cityHUNT we believe that the outings should be fun for the employees as well as educational. This is why we recommend team building scavenger hunts as the #1 Idea for corporate outings. Now that you’ve got the rough sketch, its time to hammer out all the details.

Killing two birds with one stone (Educational and Fun!)

Did you know in today’s rapidly expanding technological world, multitasking has become practically a necessity? Lets be realistic, it is rare to see someone not juggling more than one thing simultaneously. The same theory is applicable for Corporate Outings! It turns out that accomplishing more than one task at corporate outings is indeed possible! That is why corporate outings should combine being fun, with an educational element.

A Team Building Scavenger Hunt, Too Good to be True? We Think Not!

You heard me, learning and fun all in the same event. It is totally acceptable to be skeptical about this, but we are that confident that this works. But how is it possible?

Team on a scavenger hunt posing for the camera Team Building Scavenger Hunts Provide you with:

  • REAL Team building
  • Employee motivation and individual motivation
  • Awe-inspiring memories
  • New innovative ideas for workplace success
  • New skills learned for working in teams
  • Release of any bottled up steam or tension
  • Long-lasting relationships (Even between that guy you thought you’d never get along with!)
  • Knowledge of your surroundings
  • A historical insight into the city of your personal selection

I could ramble on for hours about all the benefits scavenger hunts, but I’ll spare you the textbook read! Simply put, a team building scavenger hunt is the experience of a lifetime, you’d hate to miss! Plan a team building scavenger hunt today and become an office legend for having successfully devising the best corporate outing EVER! There is absolutely no shame in having fun. Don’t worry, being professional while having a blast is a good way to exercise multitasking, and team building!

For additional information, help getting started or fast planning for a team building scavenger hunt check out cityHUNT: www.cityhunt.com

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