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Each cityHUNT scavenger hunt adventure is customizable and unique. No matter what location you choose, you can be sure that our expert team will be sure to tailor your adventure to the city you are in. Our team takes pride in making sure that we create complex urban adventures that are unique to your companies, needs, desires and wishes.

The Adventure

Turn into Detectives

  • Every cityHUNT adventure is jam packed with clues for your team to uncover and solve
  • We send the clues to your team in cryptic, unexpected ways to encourage everyone to work together
  • Clues are placed in various locations, including but not limited to: well-known landmarks, parks, and neighborhoods

Team challenges

After you have solved all your clues, and moved through all the secret locations  you will be asked to perform a team building activity by your guide. Every team member has to participate in order to complete this challenge!

Always a Guide on Your side 

During the hunt there will always be a guide (or guides depending on your group size) available to you. We also have a helpline set up, that you can call if you need further assistance.

Wrap Up/ Multi-Media Extravaganza / Evaluation

At the end of each hunt you will meet for a celebration of the day’s events. There is a slide show of all the photos of the day, and the winner of the hunt is announced! Strategy is also discussed in the wrap up. We will go over what your team performed well, areas that need improving and tools and strategies you can use for improvement. At the end, expect a team with renewed feelings of bonding and problem-solving efforts.

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