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A Sneak Peek Into The Coolest Team Building Treasure Hunts

The luxuries of life, they are not all gold coins and jeweled objects. Entertainment, fun, friendship, happiness and knowledge are often better prizes than their sparkly counterparts.  This is what cityHUNT is constantly seeking, they are our treasures, and we want to pass them on to you!  Get ready for your sneak peek into the [...]

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Tribute to Vicki Salemi and the Benefits of Team Building Scavenger Hunts

An adept writer with an impressive background took interest in cityHUNT. Vicki Salemi writes in her article Get out of the Office on a cityHUNT Team-Building Scavenger Hunt, “Meet cityHUNT (, a team-building scavenger hunt company that’s an antidote to mundane days at dreary desks.” Salemi’s charming article emphasizes the benefits of a team-building scavenger hunt that cityHUNT has [...]

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