5 Essential Steps to Planning the Ultimate Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Are you having difficulty planning your next successful corporate event? A Corporate scavenger hunt is a Mysterious detectiveclever way to entertain clients, staff or stakeholders. Partake in a game of thrills, mystery, adventure and challenging clues guaranteed to test your skills! Utilize knowledge of various objects and places to uncover hidden clues. Each participant will become a detective in order to solve complex questions. Teamwork is vital in order to succeed because the combination of personalities and knowledge will produce a stronger, cohesive team. Before you start hunting, there are five essential steps you need to know when planning the ultimate corporate scavenger hunt.

Step 1. Get all the necessary details

Organizing and hammering out all the details can often be monotonous. However, it is essential, once all the necessary precursors are ironed out, the ride is smooth sailing.

Focus on answering the five W’s:

  • Who is attending the event
  • What is going to happen exactly
  •  Where will the scavenger hunt location be
  •  When is the hunt going to take place
  •  Why are scavenger hunts so beneficial especially for Corporate events

Step 2. Theme Your Corporate Scavenger Hunt!

What kind of event are you going for? A serious event or perhaps something more creative? Creativity is what will set your corporate event apart from all others. Being as unique as possible is rewarded when planning a corporate scavenger hunt. Not to mention, themes are awesome ways to customize/personalize your hunt. You and your corporation/business are unlike anyone else; therefore you deserve to stand out. Do not be afraid to make a positive impression with your company!

Step 3. Select/Browse possible vendors and locations

Depending upon what you’re looking for whether its fun, serious, or adventure, different vendors can bring different experiences. It is perfectly okay to be unfamiliar with whom to plan your corporate scavenger hunt with. After all, that is why we are here to help. There are many scavenger hunt companies eager to help plan your event, however, cityHUNT personalizes each and every hunt for YOU. Feel free to check out cityhunt.com for additional information, steps and FAQ.

Step 4. Send invites/emails

Once the corporate scavenger hunt is planned, next step is to distribute invites and emails. We recommend:

  • Sending these out a couple months prior to the event date . The more time in advance your attendees have, the better the outcome.
  • Make sure to include all the information about the event in the invites/emails so those you are inviting will know exactly what they are RSVPing to. You should Include:
    • Event Date
    • Event Time
    • Event Location
    • RSVP Date
    • Event Description
    • Any other pertinent information

5. Enjoy the adventure/event

Team imitating a staute The final step is participating in the hunt! You’ve suffered through the tedious event planning steps and now its time to have some fun. Enjoy the adventure you’ve built!

Congratulations you have now planned another successful and entertaining corporate event your employees will never forget! Give yourself a gentle pat on the back because you earned bragging rights! Don’t forget to document your adventure with your camera, pens and notepad, detectives! For additional information check out cityhunt.com. We’ve got the answers for all of your inquiries!

Happy Hunting!

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