Warby Parker Case Study

This unique scavenger hunt event was built back in 2011 and customized for the popular and still growing, Warby Parker brand. CityHUNT is proud to have been a part of the company’s early days where they were just beginning to create the positive company culture that fosters creativity and connectedness that it does today!

Our scavenger hunt team building experiences provide your employees with tools and strategies that you can use to improve workplace relationships and productivity. Participants find themselves in a bunch of unique experiences such as competing in a dance-off with a street performer, making friends while solving riddles, learning about the unique history of their city, taking selfies with kind strangers, and exploring the local surroundings as a team.

Warby Parker’s launched in 2010 with the intention to turn the eyewear industry on its head. The four founders were tired of spending over $500 on designer frames, and they knew there had to be another way. According to Kaki, an employee interviewed in this video, the founders created Warby Parker with the intention to be a “force for good” and create a new model for the way for-profit companies to act. They also wanted to be mindful of their stakeholders, those that need glasses, and also their employees who deserve a wonderful place in which to work.

They have succeeded!

As you can see in the video, Warby Parker’s employees completed hysterical challenges and had a great time doing it. According to Zac, as seen in the video, CityHUNT meshed with the company culture and mission of Warby Parker. Both companies got together to make a difference.

For every pair of $95+ eyeglasses purchase, Warby Parker donates one pair to someone in need of prescription glasses. To date, Warby Parker has reached over 50 countries with their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

At CityHUNT, we love giving discounted scholarship programs to schools and non-profits, and we have donated over $100,000 in events towards that initiative since we began!

Warby parker is changing the world one pair of glasses at a time. CityHUNT is changing the world one scavenger hunt at a time!
If your company is looking to make a difference with us, contact us today to start your company’s team building games now.

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