Top Team Building Activities Denver

Team building activities represent a fun opportunity to get your team out of the office and away from everyday stress. These are entertaining activities that aim to improve communication, collaboration, and engagement within your team. 

Whether you work with remote or in-office teams, several activities can keep them motivated. Some of these activities can be great icebreakers while others are better organized for special occasions. 

So, if you want to learn more about the best team-building Denver events, keep reading. 

Team Building Activities Denver:

1. Scavenger Hunt At Summit Music Hall

Do you have many music fans on the team? They’ll definitely like The Scavenger Hunt by cityHUNT in Denver. The Summit Music Hall is a hub for electronic and punk music with an electrifying atmosphere that your team members will fall in love with. 

Participants should look around to find hidden treasures in an activity that boosts collaboration and problem-solving skills. They also get to take some cool photos at this venue, just like rockstars. 

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Testimonials: “On behalf of the Global Crossing legal department, thanks for the fun adventure! We were thrilled with the result and would definitely use you guys for future events as well as recommending you to other clients.”

2. Delicious Denver Food Tours

If you have a team of foodies, Delicious Denver Food Tours is an excellent team-building event to organize before the holidays or after your team has achieved some success. Your team members will be escorted by a guide through the streets of Denver, where they will experience the local food in some of the city’s top-rated restaurants. 

Participants will dine at five restaurants with three drinks pairing while being told amazing stories about the local food industry Your team will also visit some historic sites and learn about Denver’s rich history, making this tour an excellent choice for hybrid and out-of-town teams. 

Make sure to ask your team members if they have any dietary restrictions. This will allow your hosts to offer you a better service. 

Google Reviews: 5/5

Testimonials: “Our tour guide Melissa shared her wealth of knowledge, not only about the food we were tasting but also interesting historical information about the history of Denver and the restaurants. It was both tasty and informative. We thoroughly enjoyed it!” 

3. Drive Supercars With Oxotic

Offer your team a thrilling experience with Oxotic and their trained staff members and photographers who are there to capture these exciting moments. There are different race options available on five canyon roads. Your team members can choose to be the drivers or co-pilots after the orientation session. 

This isn’t a competition between your teammates, but a collaborative work for an unforgettable day. If your team members are fond of racecars, this will be the perfect gift after reaching a corporate milestone. 

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Testimonials: “It was so much fun! We did the 35-mile tour to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was the best way to celebrate! The cars are amazing and the staff is very friendly.” 

4. Learn Circus Skills at Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Do you feel that your team members are suffering from corporate burnout? Nothing can inject enthusiasm into a bored employee than learning some aerial circus skills

Aerial skills and trapeze aren’t for everyone, so you must check with your employees if they’re into something that is energetic and challenging. Thanks to the training staff, your employees will be able to fly, spin, and climb by the end of the session. 

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Testimonials: “We just participated in a class at Aerial Cirque Over Denver for my 31st Birthday! We had an absolute blast! Brittany did a fabulous job of teaching my sister, friend, husband, and I aerial yoga! She was patient, energetic, helpful, fun-loving, knowledgeable, and more! I am 8 weeks pregnant so she even modified my workout so I could still participate! I can’t wait to bring all of my family, friends, and loved ones back to Aerial Cirque Over Denver! Thanks again for an amazing time!”

5. Archery Dodgeball at Archery Games Denver

According to Archery Games Denver, teams that play together stay together. This activity boosts communication, collaboration, and team spirit, as your team members engage in a fun-filled archery dodgeball. 

This activity is suitable for six and up to 80 people, as players laugh while shooting foam-tipped arrows at each other. Don’t worry if your teammates have never touched a bow and arrow before because the staff will teach them everything they need to know.

Google Reviews: 4.9/5

Testimonials: “We had a fantastic experience at Archery Games Denver! Otto was incredibly patient and helpful with our group, especially given that we were a bunch of beginners. We had the best time and are excited to try it again. We’ll definitely be back!”

6. Upstairs Circus LoDo DIY Events

Upstairs Circus LoDo DIY Events offers an extensive menu of fun DIY projects that any team can enjoy. With all the available options, you can select an activity that suits your team members based on their age, interests, and talents. 

While creating their DIY masterpieces, guests can browse the bar menu for a refreshing selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It can be an excellent event to break from the office routine and meet with your team members in a laid-back setting. 

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Testimonials: “Great spot to spend a unique and memorable afternoon! The energy inside was awesome. The staff was so helpful and answered all the questions I had about my project. The completed project wall helped me to decide what I wanted to make and how it would come out. The step-by-step instructions were clear and I love my finished project! The layout can accommodate most party sizes, from date night to larger groups! Highly recommend it.”

7. Sample Craft Beer at Colorado Beer With A Cause

People of Colorado love craft beer, so why don’t you offer your Denver-based employees an opportunity to sample craft beer at Colorado Beer With A Cause? This beer sampling event is held at the RiNo Arts District, where guests can view the astonishing graffiti while sipping on their favorite drinks. 

The guides will teach them about the evolution of breweries in Colorado, and they get to enjoy multiple beer flavors while supporting the local community. It’s a great way to introduce new members to the team. 

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Testimonials: “So many beautiful pieces of street art! There are new things to see around every corner. Tons of restaurants and shops to explore as well. You can easily spend an afternoon exploring this part of Denver.”

8. Online Pizza-Making Class

Keeping remote team members engaged can be a challenge for most managers. Online Pizza Making will entertain your hybrid and remote teams and draw a smile on their faces while teaching them a new skill. 

This cooking class is hosted by the best chefs in town, teaching your employees about the secrets of making the tastiest pizzas. Participants can ask questions and get their answers in real-time and in the end, they get to share their creativity with the rest of the class. If you work with a hybrid team, they bring their pizza to work too.

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Testimonials: “I’m running a startup. It’s not easy to find team-building activities that get a team to connect at a deeper level. So, when I told my team about cooking classes, they all loved the idea!”

9. Ninja Warrior Challenges

High-energy teams can benefit from this thrilling activity that allows them to creatively channel their skills. Ninja Warrior Challenges is an excellent activity for competitive teams, where members can engage in fun climbing and fighting challenges. 

Your team members will enjoy their time in an interactive environment where group and individual problem-solving skills shine through. The activities are divided into three levels to suit the physical abilities of all participants. 

Google Reviews: 4.9/5

Testimonials: “So much fun. A challenging, team-building, competitive way to ring in 40!”

10. Laser Tag at American Paintball Coliseum

All team members will leave the American Paintball Coliseum feeling happy and energetic after engaging in a fun laser tag game. They’ll play in an 11,000-square-foot space, filled with post-apocalyptic artwork with old cars, planes, boats, and collapsed buildings for the full experience. 

The laser tag guns are easy to operate, and teams can play against each other for more competition. Combining the paintball experience with shooting guns brings the best of both worlds to your team-building activity. 

Google Reviews: 4.3/5

Testimonials: “I went here with my friends FCU and here to play and was expecting nobody to help me fix it. Landon came out of his way to help me and did it in 3 minutes flat. We gave him a $6 tip but I think he deserves more. Thanks, Landon and the other staff. He also helped me to fix my problem with my pistol and now it works great. Love this place.”

11. Tiny Campfire

Engaging remote and hybrid team members in a corporate event can be daunting. But when you book Tiny Campfire, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

The organizers will send your team members some stuff they’ll need for their virtual camp night and will get them online on a video call. Once everyone is ready, they’ll begin telling them ghost stories with some fun icebreaker activities while toasting real marshmallows. It’s a fun team event for those who never get to meet their colleagues.

Testimonials: “Encouraged participation without singling anybody out or making it feel awkward. Would definitely recommend it!”

12. Peak Rhythms

Peak Rhythms has been hosting team-building activities for almost 20 years, never failing to impress guests. Participants will discover the power of drumming and explore how ancient humans used drumming for communication. 

It’s an energizing activity that team members can enjoy with their family members. With different drums available, your team can understand the cultural diversity of drums and their role in various civilizations. It’s one of the best team-building activities for diverse teams. 

Google Reviews: 5/5

Testimonials: “Peak Rhythms provides fun and powerful team-building experiences that have great personal impact.”

13. Explore Interactive Art at Meow Wolf

Teams that work in stressful environments will enjoy breaking from the formal office setting. Offer your team members the chance to explore Interactive Art at Meow Wolf where they can experience mind-bending futuristic artwork. 

Group events are available for groups of more than 25 members on weekdays, so book your event in advance. You can also book private tours to accommodate the needs of your team. 

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Testimonials: “Best experience me and my friends have had in quite some time. Can spend hours in each area with no problem or anyone bothering you. The staff was friendly and helpful, making sure we had everything we needed. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting, allowing us to truly enjoy our time there. The variety of activities and attractions kept us entertained and engaged throughout the day. Overall, it was a memorable and enjoyable experience that we would highly recommend to others.” 

14. Wish for Wheels

Plan Wish for Wheels to offer your team members fun entertainment with a purpose. This team-building activity boosts engagement among your team members while supporting the local community. 

This venue organizes events encouraging people to give bikes to kids in Denver. Your team members will leave knowing that they contributed to the well-being of Denver’s youth and they’ll get back to the office feeling energized. 

Google Reviews: 5/5

Testimonials: “Thanks for sharing bicycles with the kids.” 

15. Podium Karting & Events

Do you want to improve collaboration, communication, and decision-making skills within your team? You can book the relay package at Podium Karting & Events to boost the team spirit and see how team members work together to achieve one goal.

The race can accommodate more than 20 members, with different durations available, depending on the total number of participants. Smaller groups can take part in the normal race to see who is the fastest driver. Top players will qualify for a championship, making this one of the most competitive team-building activities in Denver. 

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

Testimonials: “Held a company event there and the staff was outstanding. Very easy to book, they supplied catering and drinks so very hassle-free. Thanks to Adam and the team at Podium for a fun and great experience! We will be back!”

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