The Benefits of Team Building

The number one predictor of happiness, is relationships.

If you don’t improve the quality of relationships between co-workers, no true longterm improvement can ever occur at the workplace. With 91% of employees feeling that their relationships with their co-workers are “very important” to “important” cityHUNT strives to give your team every opportunity they deserve to build, stronger, deeper and more meaningful relationships with each other.

Through the  gamification of the team building experience and the theory of flow we are able to provide an experience that gives more opportunity for relationships to be foster than traditional team building activities such as bowling, meals, etc.

What Gamification Provides to the team building experience:

  • Gamifying team building by making it a scavenger hunt appeals to the competitive and self expressive sides of human nature. People will be more willing to participate in the activity if they know they can achieve something by doing so.  This helps to eliminates the problem of people not wanting to participate in team building exercises
  • Scavenger hunts allow for teams to explore new environments together
  • Scavenger hunts get your team up and moving
  • Due to the nature of the tasks on our scavenger hunt to truly succeed the team must stay together and work together to accomplish the goals required to win.
  • The teams can be arranged so that teammates spend time with new people, strangers may also be met along the way; which helps to eliminate old cliques)
  • Gamification also allows for us to practice the theory of flow in our scavenger hunts
How Flow works with Scavenger Hunts
As discussed in “why a scavenger hunt is more than typical team building”  positive thoughts impact our ability to complete tasks and interact with others. Flow is the concept of aligning positive emotions with a task. By incorporating this theory into our scavenger hunt tasks we are ensuring that everyone has a shared positive experience. When a shared positive experience occurs, greater relationship building can occur.

The main factors of flow that cityHUNT uses in the design of our hunts are:

  1. Clear goals– Our tasks for the scavenger hunt are laid out in plain language
  2. High degree of concentration– Our clues are unexpected, and require out of the box thinking
  3. A loss of the feeling of self-consciouness– Our hunts are designed to bring out the kid in all of us, you are going to have to let loose and not forget about what others think for a while
  4. Direct and immediate feed back– Each task you complete, has immediate feedback, we also provide overall feedback at the end of the hunt
  5. Balance between ability level and challenge– Our challenges are meant to be just that, challenges, but not impossible. Working together, everyone can solve them
  6. A sense of personal control over the situation or activity– each individual has the right to contribute their ideas to the completion of the tasks
  7. The activity is intrinsically rewarding– Participating in a scavenger hunt will lift your mood, giving the added benefits of positive thinking
  8. Absorption into the activity–  The hunt itself is so engaging an entertaining you will not have time to think about anything else

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