The most epic St. Louis Team Building Scavenger Hunt EVER!

Explore the “Gateway City” during this awesome team building scavenger hunt in St. Louis, Missouri! Get to know the city and experience the many attractions it has to offer. This incredible city is full of history, culture, BBQ and so much more! Take your team building to new heights on the observation deck of the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch The jaw-dropping panoramic views from the arch are absolutely incredible! Be sure to visit one of the many awesome museums or take a spin over to the St. Louis Cathedral for some pretty cool photo ops. Whatever you decide to do in St. Louis will be a blast! The Gateway City has so much to offer your group in this incredible team building adventure!

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Our AWESOME St. Louis Scavenger Hunt Locations!

Central West End

Central West End

Gather your team and meander down the pedestrian-friendly streets of Central West End in this fun and vibrant team building scavenger hunt! There are tons of places to explore including antique shops, galleries to create stained glass windows, spots to play sidewalk chess and so much more. Your team will have a blast adventuring through Central West End!
Downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis

Head over to the heart of St. Louis and check out the diversity flowing through the district. From award-winning BBQ spots and whiskey bars to a two-story slide at the City Museum and historic sites, there are tons of great things to see and do in Downtown. Be sure to check out the popular Gateway Arch from some incredible views of the city. Your team is going to talk about this team building adventure for years to come!


If your team is looking for an out of the box team building adventure, look no further than the lively St. Louis neighborhood of Soulard. Jam packed with fun activities, restaurants and bars, as well as some of the oldest buildings in St. Louis, this scavenger hunt will bring you to all the incredible highlights of this historic neighborhood. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Soulard!

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Games We Offer in St. Louis

Through general knowledge rounds, pub trivia, Jeopardy and other fun games, our Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a great way to bond in St. Louis. These small details bring team members and coworkers closer together, and help with conflict resolution in the long term!

When your team is stuck between choosing a fun team building event and a fundraising event for your favorite charity in St. Louis, why don’t you just do both? cityHUNT can build a custom scavenger hunt that will have your team working together and exploring St. Louis all while raising funds and awareness for your charity. It’s a win-win situation!

What better way to explore St. Louis and build teamwork and camaraderie than a scavenger hunt? With trivia questions, photo tasks, and video challenges spread throughout the neighborhood of your choice, it’s more than a hunt. It’s an adventure.

Challenge your team to an adventure with a trivia team building game in St. Louis! Completely customizable to your team and neighborhood, the challenges include trivia and picture tasks. A great way to explore St. Louis while strengthening your team and having fun.

Bring your group together in a unique way with cityHUNT’s holiday scavenger hunt. Our custom St. Louis scavenger hunt will put your team building skills to the test while letting your holiday spirit run wild. Discover St. Louis by completing a series of challenges that will take you throughout the neighborhood of your choice. cityHUNT can customize your hunt around ANY holiday you wish to celebrate. Our custom challenges will have your team working together to solve holiday-specific clues, video challenges and photo tasks all on our mobile app!

cityHUNT is ready to plan your next birthday party in St. Louis. Our custom birthday party scavenger hunt extravaganza will be tailored toward the birthday honoree and will have the perfect amounts of ridiculous stories, hilarious photo and video challenges, awesome stopping locations and amazing memories that will last you a lifetime! A cityHUNT scavenger hunt birthday party s one for you, your friends and family will never forget and will be talking about for years to come!
Ladies, it’s time to throw an amazing bachelorette party for that wonderful bride-to-be in your life, but when you’re on a low budget, it can be difficult We all know it can’t just be a simple night in anymore. With all these “bachelorette weekends” on tropical islands happening, how can your one night out even compare? Our bachelorette scavenger hunt in St. Louis is the answer to all of your problems! Our affordable bachelorette hunt can be completely customized around your bride-to-be and make her feel she is the center of the universe for the night. Who needs a full weekend when you can explore St. Louis in one night and make the memories last forever?! Oh and if you’re planning an amazing destination bachelorette party (even on a tropical island), we’ve got you covered on that too!

Let your guests capture your big day with a wild wedding scavenger hunt! A custom St. Louis scavenger hunt by cityHUNT will provide your guests with hours of fun and you with plenty of awesome pictures and videos! As individuals or in teams, your guests can compete in a series of interactive, trivia and photo challenges based around the couple, the venue, and even other guests, to make your wedding day even more memorable!


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Since your team building activity is custom, we can create it around any type of budget no matter how large or small it may be.

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