The most epic Fremont Team Building Scavenger Hunt EVER!

Put on your hiking boots and head on out to Mission Peak where you can hike up the mountain and discover the breathtaking views from the summit! If you’re looking for something a little less labor intensive, scale it back and experience all of the history Fremont has to offer. From museums and theaters, to historic parks and farms, this cultural scavenger hunt will be so intriguing and will bring your team closer together!

Our Scavenger Hunts Are 
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Our AWESOME Fremont Scavenger Hunt Locations!


Shinn is home to extremely beautiful sights and photo-ops! Come explore Alameda Creek Quarries Regional Park. Kaiser Pond lies within it, and there are so many layers of water and greenery that you will hardly believe your eyes!

The most beautiful sight to see in Fremont lies within Kimber-Gomes. Be sure to spend a couple hours at Central Park, where you can enjoy Lake Elizabeth, Swim Lagoon, and the Aqua Adventure Waterpark all in one place! There’s even a Sports Complex on site!

Glenmoor is a very exciting place to visit because of the wide array of sports being mastered in such a lovely area. Experience Tak Fudenna Memorial Stadium with your group, and don’t stop screaming and cheering until your team wins!

Head on down to Sundale for a great experience with your team! Grab some delicious, fresh food from Sala Thai. Then, take a walk down Fremont Boulevard to see all of the shops and life that this cute area has to offer.
28 Palms

If shopping is your thing, then don’t fail to visit 28 Palms! The NewPark Mall has everything from Burlington to Macy’s as well as a large assortment of things to eat. If the food court doesn’t appeal to you, then head on over to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. Don’t forget to order a pizooki!
Central Downtown

Fremont’s Central Downtown will satisfy the cravings of every member of your group! Whether you want burgers from The Counter or Din Dong’s Dumplings, you will find it in this buzzing location! Also, make sure you walk around to discover the feel of Fremont!

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Games We Offer in Fremont

What better way to explore Fremont and build teamwork and camaraderie than a scavenger hunt? With trivia questions, photo tasks, and video challenges spread throughout the neighborhood of your choice, it’s more than a hunt. It’s an adventure.

How much do you know about your company? About Fremont? Forgo ordinary team building events and start thinking outside of the box ( together!) with our incredible team building trivia games! Put your critical thinking and teamwork skills to the test with a series of diverse trivia challenges! Compete against your colleagues and score points for completing challenges!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a fun filled adventure? cityHUNT let’s you explore Fremont while competing in trivia and challenges. Your holiday scavenger hunt will be completely customized with personal clues and can be catered to any holiday!

They say the most memorable birthdays happen in Fremont! No, really! With an interactive birthday party scavenger hunt by cityHUNT, turn your next celebration into an unforgettable event with customized fun facts, trivia and entertaining stories all centered around the birthday king or queen – YOU! Also including unique photo challenges, your friends and family will be talking about your awesome party – and the unforgettable pictures – for years to come!
When it’s time for a fun filled adventure with your bridesmaids, look no further than CityHUNT. Explore Fremont and learn more about the bride with a completely customized bachelorette scavenger hunt filled with trivia and fun photo/video challenges.

cityHUNT’s Fremont wedding scavenger hunt takes weddings to a whole new level of fun! Are you uneasy about your seating arrangements? Worried that the random table in the back full of single friends is going to feel left out and lonely? You have nothing to worry about! This scavenger hunt will allow them to have some fun together during the wedding and take hilarious photos and videos at your reception. Whether they join forces as a group or simply pair up, they will be mingling and getting involved in your wedding instead of hiding out in the back!

Looking for a fun way to raise some funds for your favorite charity? CityHUNT’s Fremont charity scavenger hunt is a completely customizable challenge that can help raise money and awareness to your cause. Give back by going on an adventure!

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