The most epic Champaign Team Building Scavenger Hunt EVER!

If your group is looking for an exciting team building activity, look no further than this Champaign scavenger hunt. Champaign is an arts and culture hub that hosts a variety of film and music festivals as well as numerous art galleries. Explore the various museums and theaters or enjoy one of the many relaxing parks with your team.

Our Scavenger Hunts Are 
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Our AWESOME Champaign Scavenger Hunt Locations!

Garden Park

Make your way to the lovely Garden Park to find just that- lush greenery! Enjoy the peaceful Hazel Park with a special picnic just for you and your teammates, (aww). Then, get your shop on at Champagne Discount! You’re sure to find a fun, one-of-a-kind article of clothing to make all of your friends jealous … Garden Park Read More »
Sesquicentennial Neighborhood

Confusing name aside, this is the perfect place for you and your teammates to explore! Check out The Blind Pig Brewery for great vibes and great beer. Then, stroll around the numerous shops and restaurants to your heart’s content! This is a lively neighborhood with great people-watching, and one million opportunities to have a wonderful … Sesquicentennial Neighborhood Read More »
Davidson Park

Located near all kinds of sights to see, Davidson Park is sure to please! Grab a bite to eat at the adorable “Hubers” restaurant. Then, hit the Belicious Bakery for a pastry of your choosing! This will be the perfect dessert to enjoy at Eisner Park, in the company of your teammates.

This thrilling location is the home of the University of Illinois, and is full of mischief for you to get into. Pretend you’re a college student again, and hit the town with your teammates! Start off with drinks at Red Lion. Then, grab a cookie or five at Insomnia Cookies. There we go, now we’re … Campustown Read More »

First things first, you need a coffee. Head down to Flying Machine Avionics to get your fix, and then continue your tour of Eastside Champagne! Visit the Fiesta Cafe for some grub, and go ahead with the tour by walking around with your teammates and maybe even hitting the local thrift store! It won’t disappoint!
Beardsley Park

The beautiful Beardsley Park is waiting your your arrival! Come enjoy a wonderful meal at Big J Fish and Chicken. Then, make your way down to Beardsley Park. Here, you can relax with your teammates and nurse your food baby. Once you’re ready, visit the Boneyard Creek to find the perfect photo-op at sunset!

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Everyone was engaged and enjoyed going through the museum.

Games We Offer in Champaign

Are you looking for a team building exercise that’s also challenging and tons of fun? Then look no further than your own neighborhood. cityHUNT will have you exploring Champaign while competing in a series of photo and video challenges for points. Take your team to the next level while learning and having fun.

How much do you know about your company? About Champaign? Forgo ordinary team building events and start thinking outside of the box ( together!) with our incredible team building trivia games! Put your critical thinking and teamwork skills to the test with a series of diverse trivia challenges! Compete against your colleagues and score points for completing challenges!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a fun filled adventure? cityHUNT let’s you explore Champaign while competing in trivia and challenges. Your holiday scavenger hunt will be completely customized with personal clues and can be catered to any holiday!

Throw a birthday bash no one will ever forget, and explore Champaign while doing it! With a custom scavenger hunt birthday party by cityHUNT, let your friends and family compete in trivia and challenges all centered around Champaign – and you! With the right mix of fun facts and embarrassing stories, your cityHUNT scavenger hunt will be one for the books!
Ladies, it’s time to throw an amazing bachelorette party for that wonderful bride-to-be in your life, but when you’re on a low budget, it can be difficult We all know it can’t just be a simple night in anymore. With all these “bachelorette weekends” on tropical islands happening, how can your one night out even compare? Our bachelorette scavenger hunt in Champaign is the answer to all of your problems! Our affordable bachelorette hunt can be completely customized around your bride-to-be and make her feel she is the center of the universe for the night. Who needs a full weekend when you can explore Champaign in one night and make the memories last forever?! Oh and if you’re planning an amazing destination bachelorette party (even on a tropical island), we’ve got you covered on that too!

What better way to keep your wedding guests entertained than CityHUNT’s customized wedding scavenger hunt in Champaign? Guests can learn more about the couple while enjoying some friendly competition taking some fun and hilarious photos (which you get to keep forever)!

Is your group looking for a fun team-building event, but you would also love to give back to your community? cityHUNT can create a fully custom event to support your favorite local Champaign charity. Your team will work together exploring Champaign in an action packed fundraising scavenger hunt that will also raise money or awareness for your charity.

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