The most epic Atlanta Scavenger Hunt EVER!

Discover more than you ever thought you knew about your city with a corporate scavenger hunt in Atlanta! The sprawling metropolitan area is a veritable playground for team building events of any kind. With our help, your team can get out and explore the vibrant neighborhoods that make Atlanta awesome!

Experience Atlanta scavenger hunts like never before with our team building activities!

Welcome to the bustling heart of Georgia’s capital city – Atlanta! Here, team building and adventure unite in our Atlanta Scavenger Hunt, presented by cityHUNT. Get ready to discover the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and hidden treasures through an engaging and unique experience. Our Atlanta Scavenger Hunt isn’t just an activity – it’s a journey that combines collaboration, creativity, and exploration in the midst of this dynamic metropolis.

Gather your team and set off on a captivating adventure through Atlanta’s diverse streets and renowned sites. From the historic charm of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to the modern beauty of the BeltLine, our carefully designed challenges encourage you to work together, solve riddles, capture incredible snapshots, and interact with locals, all while unveiling the city’s intriguing history and culture.

Whether you’re a corporate group aiming to strengthen teamwork, an educational institution looking for an exciting learning experience, or a group of friends seeking a memorable day out, our Atlanta Scavenger Hunt offers an opportunity like no other. Elevate your team-building activities in Atlanta with CityHunt and turn your outing into a remarkable journey of camaraderie and exploration. Join us in transforming your visit into an unforgettable escapade, where laughter, learning, and connection come together against the backdrop of Atlanta’s vibrant energy.

Join us as we turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories in the heart of the ATL. Learn about some of the Atlanta neighborhoods we explore below, or visit our other city locations offered to learn more. Contact us today to request a quote!

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Our Atlanta team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Games We Offer in Atlanta

We offer Virtual Scavenger Hunts in Atlanta as a way to bond with your team! Play trivia-style games to learn personal details about coworkers and teammates in order to help with conflict resolution in the long term. Virtual Scavenger Hunts are a great way to bond!

Is your group looking for a fun team-building event, but you would also love to give back to your community? cityHUNT can create a fully custom event to support your favorite local Atlanta charity. Your team will work together exploring Atlanta in an action packed fundraising scavenger hunt that will also raise money or awareness for your charity.

cityHUNT’s Atlanta scavenger hunt is a whole new take on your traditional scavenger hunt. We will have you and your teammates competing in a series of photo and video challenges for points AND laughs. See Atlanta in ways you never thought possible all while bonding with your team and having a blast.

Do you know everything there is to know about your company? What about your city? With cityHUNT’s Atlanta team building trivia game, you and your team will work collaboratively to put your analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills to good use. Your team will compete against other teams to solve custom trivia challenges that will range anywhere from multiple choice questions all the way to solving mind-boggling cryptic clues and everything in between.

Celebrate in style cityHUNT’s holiday scavenger hunt. Completely customizable to your team, neighborhood, and event you are celebrating, the hunt takes team bonding to a whole new level. Explore Atlanta while completing trivia and challenges on a fun adventure.

cityHUNT is ready to plan your next birthday party in Atlanta. Our custom birthday party scavenger hunt extravaganza will be tailored toward the birthday honoree and will have the perfect amounts of ridiculous stories, hilarious photo and video challenges, awesome stopping locations and amazing memories that will last you a lifetime! A cityHUNT scavenger hunt birthday party s one for you, your friends and family will never forget and will be talking about for years to come!
Gather up your girls for a fun night out in Atlanta! Whether you want to keep it calm or go buck-wild, our custom bachelorette scavenger hunt is the answer to all of your bridesmaid problems! Well, maybe not all, just the bachelorette party portion! Our bachelorette adventure will have your gal pals exploring Atlanta in a super fun and exciting way and it will have the bride-to-be feeling like the center of the universe even before her wedding day!

What better way to keep your wedding guests entertained than CityHUNT’s customized wedding scavenger hunt in Atlanta? Guests can learn more about the couple while enjoying some friendly competition taking some fun and hilarious photos (which you get to keep forever)!