Team Balloon Tag


If you love your team use long strings!

This game isn’t for the faint of heart and if you have a team member or two with an aggressive streak you might want to skip it (or strongly encourage those team members to tone it down for this).  Besides that it is awesome and can be played inside (pending enough space)  or outside.

What makes this game epic?

It combines a childhood favorite game –Tag, with a childhood favorite object–Balloons!

Team Building Value:

  • Blowing off steam, and having fun with coworkers

  • Team work (cooperation, communication, sacrifice)

  • Team Strategy


To be the team with the last “Balloon Standing” (which for our purposes, is the last balloon remaining unpopped)


  • String

  • Scissors

  • Balloons (one color of balloons for each team, and enough balloons for each member on the team)

  • Timer (cell phone can be used)

Group size:

Teams of 3-5 are recommended but larger teams of up to 7-9 can be used.


  • Blow up the balloons

  • Assign each team a color of balloons

  • Cut strings (about 3 feet long, so that a balloon can be tied to the ankle and still drag on the ground) **Note: as mentioned above, if you love your team use, longer strings!

  • Tie one balloon to the end of the string, and then tie the balloon to the ankle of each teammate (make sure that the balloon color matches the team colors)

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes


When the time starts you must strategize, communicate and work together with your team to pop ALL the Balloons of the opposing teams.  The winning team is the team with 1 Balloon left unpopped. If all of the balloons of all of the teams get popped, no one wins.


As with anything that involves movement, there is inherent risk. please take all the appropriate course of action to ensure safety of participants. Make sure the game is played with closed toes shoes (preferably sneakers) and in ample space.


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