Best Ideas for a Company Outing To Boost Your Team’s Morale

In today’s busy and demanding workplace environment, planning company outings has become more than just an entertaining activity. These outings are essential for maintaining a healthy and productive atmosphere. 

This article will highlight some of the best ideas for a company outing you can plan as a manager or team leader. It will also explain the benefits of such activities and what you should consider before choosing one. 

Top Ideas for a Company Outing

As a manager, you can do several things to help your employees feel more at ease and break free from their daily routines. One of them is planning well-thought-of company outings. 

Before planning an outing, you should know your employees and what works for them. You should also choose a day that works for most people, specify the place and dress code, and explain if people can bring family members. 

Corporate outings enhance team bonding and help people get to know each other in an informal setting. Here are our top company event ideas for employees. 

Group of employees at cityHUNT scavenger hunt

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are great company outing ideas that work for big and small teams and the perfect opportunity for remote and hybrid teams to meet up and get to know one another better in an informal, fun setting.

cityHUNT arranges fun scavenger hunts in cities all across the US, suitable for all team sizes and requirements. Each scavenger hunt is tailored to the specific team ensuring they have an unforgettable experience, the perfect team-bonding activity.   

2. Cooking Class

Many agree that fun corporate event ideas become even better when they involve a delicious meal. And nothing is better than testing your team’s culinary skills in an entertaining setting where they can show off their creativity. 

Cooking classes are fun and lighthearted group activities to get to know your team. Attending a cooking class is a cool idea to bring the team members of a remote or a hybrid team together to help them connect if they don’t meet regularly. 

3. Volunteering

Finding ways to give back to the community is a fun opportunity to engage your employees, improve your company’s image, and boost morale. 

As a manager, you can organize a volunteering event where your team can work at a soup kitchen or food bank, organize a fundraiser event for a local cause, or help maintain a local park. 

These ideas help employees feel better about themselves and their company, as they actually add value to their community. 

Group of employees Go-Karting

4. Go-Kart Racing

Go-kart racing is thrilling and represents one of the most unforgettable company event ideas for employees. Your teammates will enjoy the adrenaline rush while engaging in an entertaining yet competitive activity. 

The event involves some planning on your side as the organizer, and you can divide your team into groups for some fun rivalry and competition.

The event can end in an award-giving ceremony where the best racers receive a prize. Better yet, plan this event after a corporate milestone to celebrate your team members’ success. 

5. Plan a Movie Night

Planning a movie night for your employees can be an excellent way to bring them for an informal get-together. You can arrange an outdoor movie night by setting up projectors and seating arrangements. You can also plan to bring snacks or ask your team members to handle this part. You can opt for a new release movie, or an old classic to bring some nostalgia to your team event.

This activity can also work for remote teams by arranging a virtual watch party.. 

6. Painting Class

Allow your employees to explore their artistic side with group painting classes. These classes allow people to relax and unleash their creativity with the guidance of a trained mentor. 

You can schedule a painting class where someone will teach your employees painting basics or explore a specific technique. After the class, your team members will leave with a cool souvenir to remind them of this rewarding activity. 

7. Visit a Trampoline Park

Explore the world of energetic fun by scheduling a visit to a trampoline park. These parks have wall-to-wall trampolines with safety features (like padded walls) to protect people from falling on a hard surface. 

Your team members will navigate through different obstacles while jumping on trampolines while their colleagues cheer for them. This gravity-defying experience might not suit all your team members, so you can either ask for anonymous votes or plan another activity that caters to the needs of more people. 

8. Escape Rooms

Showcase your team’s problem-solving skills by organizing a fun activity at an escape room. 

Participants are asked to find their way out by following cues and instructions. They must examine every item in the room and interpret all the hidden messages. If they succeed in finding the key to the door before the time is up, they will win. 

Before choosing a specific escape room, take note of the capacity limit as it will help you decide how to divide your team. You can book multiple rooms for all your teams to participate simultaneously, and see which one finishes first. 

9. Visit a Local Farm

It’s always a good idea to explore a new location where employees can feel closer to nature.

You can take your employees to a local farm, where they can watch how farmers implement sustainability or grow organic food. They can also learn about gardening or taking care of the animals. 

This experience can be quite entertaining and is suitable for inviting employees’ families. Your team members will feel more connected to the company, as such an activity will strengthen the bonds between your teammates. 

10. Basketball Game

    If you already have basketball fans on your team, this can be one of the easiest and most fun corporate event ideas to plan. You’ll need five players on each team and a referee to set the rules. The rest of your team members can cheer for the teams. 

    Take your team members to a local field to plan a tournament or play friendly matches. Some employees can also be the cheerleaders if they want to. To add some friendly competition yuo can have multiple prizes such as the losing team buying lunch for everyone. 

    11. Laser Tag

    If you’re looking for adrenaline-filled company event ideas for employees, laser tag should be on top of your list. This activity brings energy and competitiveness to your team which is great at bringing a group together.

    It’s a super exciting activity as it’s usually held in a dark room with black light and many obstacles. Teams should work on strategies to avoid getting tagged as much, like splitting and hiding. 

    At the same time, they’ll have to communicate to provide cover for one another while attacking the other team. 

    12. Trivia Night

    Trivia nights can be a flexible and customizable choice for a company outing. Such an event can be planned in the office, at a nearby bar, as a destination outing, or online. All these options can help you pick the right setting according to your employees’ needs, time availability, and budget. 

    You can find many question samples online, or you can come up with company and industry-specific questions to challenge your team members. 

    13. Hiking Trails

    This outing idea will appeal to serious nature lovers on your team, as it allows them to depart from the office’s environment and enjoy nature’s wonders. 

    Before planning this activity, you should check if this appeals to your team members. If you have older people with limited physical abilities, pregnant female employees, or people with disabilities, this might not be the best company outing to choose. 

    It’s a good idea to ask your employees to vote to avoid having anyone feeling excluded. Always ensure there’s a professional hiking guide to accompany your team, especially if some of them are new to hiking. 

    You should prepare a list of the needed amenities and what to pack before the trip. This activity promotes collaboration, communication, and resilience, and can be an excellent way to break free from daily routines.

    Group of participants playing VR game

    14. Virtual Reality Experience

    Introduce your team to the latest technology by taking them on a virtual reality tour. Several reality venues offer special corporate events, and they’re pretty inclusive because anyone can take part, even people who can’t participate in physical challenges. 

    Virtual reality or VR is a game-changer in the business world, and you can also explore its fun side with your team members. As they navigate challenging terrains and overcome obstacles, you’ll notice the bonding and communicating. 

    This event will strengthen your team’s problem-solving skills and collaboration because it involves working around challenges to reach a common goal. 

    15. Watch a Sports Event

    Ignite the team’s spirit and take your team to watch a game of sports. Even people who don’t pay much attention to sports won’t miss the chance to cheer for their local team. 

    This outing idea allows your team members to interact with everyone, including top managers, in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It’s a reminder that we all have many things in common and your employees will enjoy the companionship. 

    Attending a sports game can be part of a whole fun day planned. Maybe include lunch and drinks after the game is over. It can also be a good opportunity to invite your team members to bring their families and introduce them to their colleagues. 

    16. Bowling

    A bowling night is an excellent company outing idea and a good way to get your employees to interact with one another. Team members can show off their bowling skills, while others can learn from them or watch them play. 

    While waiting for their turns, people can start friendly conversations that strengthen the communication within your team. Don’t worry if some people aren’t experienced players, as everyone will enjoy their time while laughing at each other’s mistakes. 

    You can have employees play against each other, or divide them into teams to add some extra competition. 

    17. Board Game Tournament

    Board game tournaments can be held at community centers or coffee shops, depending on your team’s preferences. 

    Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, and Bingo are popular choices, but you can also ask your team members to vote before the event. Board games allow your team members to compete in a friendly setting and help them unleash their fun side. 

    They also enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. While working in groups, your team members will improve their communication and collaboration skills. 

    This is an easy team activity that can be scheduled as a regular event as something for colleagues to look forward to weekly or monthly with their team. 

    18. Indoor Rock Climbing

    Indoor rock climbing tests physical and mental skills and can be an excellent way to take your team out of the office. Most indoor rock climbing venues organize corporate events to help engage everyone, even if they have no rock climbing experience. 

    Although this is rather physically challenging, instructors will always be available to guide and provide safety instructions. They can also organize group activities that require communication and boost collaboration. 

    You won’t have to worry about the equipment or props because they’ll all be provided at the venue you choose. Your team members might be offered climbing classes or work in pairs to reach a common goal. 

    19. Angling

    If you have a team who loves the outdoors, taking them on an angling trip to a nearby lake, river or dock is the perfect opportunity to get the team together outside of work.

    You can search for resorts that offer an angling experience, where you can book a few hours for your team. Opting for a venue like this will reduce the planning you need to do regarding bringing food and equipment.

    Angling teaches determination and patience, and when done right, it can be quite rewarding. It’s a chance to explore nature away from the office. 

    20. Attend a Theatre Performance

    Check for an upcoming theater performance and invite your team to attend one. There are outdoor performances that can be quite interactive and engaging, so you can book one. 

    Depending on the play’s theme, you can ask your team members to invite their family members too. This can be an excellent way for your team to bond over a fun event. Plus, you can schedule dinner or drinks after the performance, ensuring everyone is having a great time. 

    Group of Fundraisers

    Wrap Up

    Choosing ideas for a company outing takes some planning and preparation. Yet, the results are exceptional. 

    People feel appreciated when they know that their bosses think about them and their well-being. Planning a casual outing away from the office setting can be a great way to show your team members that you care. It can also be used to celebrate a corporate milestone or achievement. 

    With these fun corporate event ideas, you’ll have plenty of choices to pick from. Take your time to make any changes or tweaks to ensure that all your employees are included. 

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