How to Find a Public Scavenger Hunt

Team on a scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts are unforgettable experiences that will have you laughing and exploring your city in a whole new way. If you are interested in joining in on the scavenger hunt fun but do not have a large group, try to find a public scavenger hunt that you can participate in as an individual.

Public scavenger hunts are open events that will have you racing around the city of your choice. Try a hunt in your hometown or try exploring a new city with fellow adventure seekers. You can bring along a team of four to six friends or be placed into a team of new friends.

Where are These Public Hunts?

cityHUNT currently offers public scavenger hunts in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago. On occasion, cityHUNT will offer public hunts in other cities. Check the cityHUNT website to find a public scavenger hunt that suits your schedule and interests.

Throughout the year, cityHUNT offers public scavenger hunts including Halloween and Christmas-themed hunts. cityHUNT also offers pub crawl adventures that last a little longer and include stops at pubs throughout the city.

Once you find a public scavenger hunt that works for your schedule, invite friends and get your hunting gear ready. cityHUNT suggests wearing comfortable clothes and supportive shoes. Teams are also encouraged to wear team uniforms or costumes, which can earn you bonus points on the hunt. You should also bring along a smart phone.

On the day of the public scavenger hunt everyone will meet in a designated location for orientation and to review hunt rules. Each team is provided with an envelope of clues and a digital camera for documenting their finds along the hunt.

Throughout the hunt you will solve riddles, find clues and outsmart other teams to become the cityHunt ultimate champion. Clues are placed in various locations throughout the city including well-known landmarks, parks and neighborhoods.  Points are earned along hunt as you solve riddles and document your finds with the provided digital camera. You can also earn bonus points throughout the day.

Whether you choose to experience the scavenger hunt with old friends or new, you will enjoy a day with like-minded adventure seekers who love competition and fun. Public scavenger hunts last between 2 1/2 to 4 hours. After the hunt is over, teams reconvene for the wrap-up party which includes drinks, a slide show of all the hilarious photos taken during the hunt and an awards presentation.

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