Team Building Trivia & Game Shows

Have you sent in audition tapes to The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and even a Minute to Win it with no call back?

Did you fry your brain testing for Jeopardy only to find out the contestant next to you is GOOGLE in human-form?

Is your idea of a perfect Friday night filled with Trivial Pursuit?

Well the drought is over; cityHUNT is making it rain trivia, factoids and buzzers all over America’s biggest meeting rooms. We’ve taken Team Building to a whole new level. We’re serving up hot competition between sales managers and account executives, interoffice departments, even between the EXECS and the interns… all just to see who will be named the Team Building Game Show Champions!

Who Wants to Win It!

Nothing encourages teamwork, critical thinking and high energy intra-group competition like cityHUNT’s Who Wants to Win it! Think Who Wants To Be a Millionaire meets Minute to Win It with a little bit of Jeopardy and Soul Train thrown in for good measure.

Competitive, customized and loads of fun, our challenge games lend themselves to team building and collaboration. Through working together in this competitive, yet fun-filled way, the contestants will become more bonded and closer than ever before.

After dividing your group into teams, we will dive into several rounds of team building challenges and quizzes. These games are built in such a way that they can take place in most meeting or conference rooms.

Most events start with a custom built Millionaire style group quiz that gets the teams laughing and debating all while the clock is ticking. Things really heat up when the minute to win it challenges start. These interactive challenges get the participants working together and having fun in exciting and unexpected ways. During past events “House of Cards”, “Shake, Rattle & Roll ” and “Puzzle of the Senses” have been hugely popular. There is no limit to the type of game and experience we can create around your goals.

cityHUNT’s Who Wants to Win It! is a once in a lifetime experience because we customize each round around your goals and the interest of the participants. Once each round is completed, teams hand in their answers or reveal their creations. Then the answers and creations are scored and the next round begins. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins. Who Wants to Win It! Typically lasts 1-1.5 hours, but we can customize it to fit your specific scheduling needs.

What will our game show masters build for your group?

cityHUNT will create several rounds of themed trivia questions and challenges customized specifically for your group, built around your project, your objectives and your goals.


Where do we offer Team Building Trivia & Game Shows?

We offer our game shows in hundreds of cities in hundreds of cities across the nation. From Los Angeles to Austin to Chicago, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want to break up a long, grueling conference weekend in Detroit, or just bring something new and fun right into your office in Fort Lauderdale, we can do that too! Our team building trivia and game show can go almost anywhere!

cityHUNT‘s Team building Game Show is more than just fun and games…and bonus rounds; it’s the opportunity to engage your team in outrageously fun and educational games; it’s delivering the next quarterly meeting in that alluring game show host voice; it’s uniting and bonding your team together in a fun and interactive experience. We can’t wait to show you just how much fun team building can actually be!

Fit Your Needs, Wherever You Are

We offer our cityHUNTs and Ultimate Adventures in over 100 cities around the nation, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., AND SO MANY MORE!

Don’t see your city listed? Have no fear. Simply let us know where you’d like to plan your epic adventure and we will customize it to your location at no extra charge!

We want to make sure that your team doesn’t just build stronger relationships but also develops a stronger sense of pride for the city in which they work.

What do our customers think of the Team Building Trivia & Game Shows?

“Fun tasks to accomplish which encouraged you to get to know each other and work as a team.”


“Everyone had a blast. Best company event yet.”


“Great planning, good integration of company specific info. “


“It was a fun team building event that helped us get to know each other better outside of work, have fun and act silly.”


“Everyone had a blast! This was such a great, easy way to plan a unique and fun team building activity for our company. It is difficult to come up with new and exciting activities every year and I’m so glad I found cityHUNT. They are willing to work with your teams needs, are quick to respond and genuinely care about the success of your event. As the individual who always plans the events, I can’t tell you how nice it was to do minimal prep – cityHUNT takes care of everything! I absolutely will recommend this to other companies looking for team building activities! Thanks cityHUNT!”

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