Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

It's your birthday, so scavenger hunt if you want to!

How It Works

With your birthday scavenger hunt, you will compete on a team with other party-goers in order to capture a list of hilarious, fun and interactive photos, while you tackle the streets of your chosen city and make your way from pit stop to photo-op, for an outrageously entertaining birthday experience!

We welcome birthday celebrants of all ages! Your birthday scavenger hunt is custom to you and will be built around the birthday celebrant and the celebration crew. So you can get wild or stay mild, your adventure will be tailored to meet your ideal event expectations!

With just a little input from you, cityHUNT will turn your celebration into an unforgettable event, with just the right amount of customized fun facts, gently embarrassing stories and entertaining pictures that will be yours to keep! cityHUNT will customize photos, video and trivia clues that each team will try to complete in order to score points and win the game.

Just like a kid snooping for their presents your team will be using clues to snoop for the win! These clues will consist of location clues, birthday clues, and customized clues. Except, this time the snooping will result in more celebration and less bag of socks in the oven…

How It Works

CityHunt will customize a 1 – 1.5 hour team building experience followed by an awards ceremony.

Your game customized game will be full of puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles that will test the knowledge and require collaboration.

Your group will be broken up into teams and be sent on a multi-faceted experience throughout an area in your city.

What Kind of Birthday Hunts Do We Offer?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Our birthday scavenger hunts can be arranged for a mall, neighborhood, or the great outdoors! We offer birthday scavenger hunts in just about every city in the U.S.! Want to find out if everything is actually bigger in Texas? No problem! Looking to explore the “Emerald City”? Sure thing! We can arrange a birthday scavenger hunt there too! We got you covered from coast to coast!

The Mall Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever wanted to run through a mall with unadulterated joy with all of your closest friends and family? Well now is your chance! cityHUNT will work with you to create a Mall Scavenger Hunt that will make you feel like a kid again! In this case, the mall is your oyster, and nothing is off limits…well…maybe some things, so keep it reasonable folks! So if having fun and running through stores sounds like something up your alley than the Mall Scavenger Hunt is for you! Plus, what better place is there to squeeze in some last-minute shopping…for the points of course!

The Neighborhood Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Do you remember the countless number of summer nights that were spent playing manhunt with the neighborhood kids? Or finding that “super-secret” spot that wasn’t actually so secret? cityHUNT will work with you to create a birthday scavenger hunt in a neighborhood of your choice, incorporating clues that will remind you of old times or clues to help you make entirely new memories! So whether it’s an old neighborhood or a new one the Neighborhood Birthday Scavenger Hunt is perfect for those who want to explore their hometown! And just maybe the day will end with a game of manhunt or a newly found “super-secret” spot!

The Great Outdoors

We’ll leave this one up to you and the celebration crew! Choose where you’d like to have a birthday scavenger hunt and we’ll make it custom for your birthday celebration! So whether it’s a theme park, state park, or anything in between the choice is yours! Just bring your friends, family, and fun!

What’s in your goodie bag!? This one doesn’t include a quirky thank you or a spider ring, but it does include a cityHUNT Event Producer to assist in customizing your adventure, the development of a personalized password protected game in our cityHUNT app, access to all your pictures and video through your own in-game dashboard, and memories that will last a lifetime!

So, what’s the catch you ask!?? Aside from securing the win, there’s only one! Each team will need one team member with either an iPhone or an Android phone so you can download the app, compete in the game, and win!

Fit Your Needs, Wherever You Are

We offer our cityHUNTs and Ultimate Adventures in over 100 cities around the nation, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., AND SO MANY MORE!

Don’t see your city listed? Have no fear. Simply let us know where you’d like to plan your epic adventure and we will customize it to your location at no extra charge!

We want to make sure that your team doesn’t just build stronger relationships but also develops a stronger sense of pride for the city in which they work.

Let’s Do This!

Just like the magician hired for last year’s party, cityHUNT has a variety of tricks up our sleeves to create appropriate birthday scavenger hunt adventures for cityHUNTers of all ages; still customized, still challenging, and even more FUN! Maybe this time you won’t have to explain why the vampire kept pulling animals out of his costume…but then again anything is possible during a cityHUNT!

So if you’re ready to blow out the candles on the same old birthday routine, then we suggest unhanging that banner and adding a little something special to your birthday party! Let cityHUNT take all the party planning troubles off your plate.

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Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party


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