Charity Scavenger Hunt

Go USO Team Builder
Go patriotic this year and support military members and their families through our Go USO Team Builder! cityHUNT will customize a series of challenges to help your team bond and learn about the United Service Organization. As a reward for completing activities, teams earn points that can be redeemed for different items and materials for their Go USO cards & survival paracord bracelets. One of our amazing cityHUNT Adventure Guides will be on hand to make sure that  your event turns into the ultimate team building experience, with a rewarding and charitable outcome!

Grocery Raiders of the Lost Park
Food availability is still a pressing problem for a large part of the US population. These games will reward your efforts with food supplies to build, learn about US food initiatives and become Grocery Raiders of the Lost Park!

At the conclusion of each challenge we will have a quick facilitated conversation about what the team learned and how they can use it become more successful. We will also talk about the impact of the food that we used during the challenge before donating it! 

Rescue Bear Team Builder
In this fun-filled indoor adventure, participants will be adding their strengths and talents to their teams to create the ultimate present for every young child: a personalized stuffed bear. The outcome of each challenge determines which bear, clothes and accessories you can use, so be sure to game up for this fast-paced series of team builders! Each participant will walk away with a newly strengthened connection to their immediate team members, to the group at large, and a cuddly contribution to a great cause. Bears are presented to the children’s unit at the local hospital of your choice.


cityHUNT’s Wheelchair Team Builder
Each team will work together to build relationships through a series of team-focused games and exercises. Throughout the activities, teams will receive tools and instruction to build their wheelchairs, which are then donated to the charity or organization of your choice. Each challenge gives teams immediate feedback to keep everyone proactively involved in the Adventure.


cityHUNT Race for the Children
Calling all mechanics and creative thinkers! This team builder is all about getting your collaboration skills in gear to build the fastest radio-controlled racer on the block. Your team isn’t just having fun while working together, you are also helping children in need.

As each team completes each team building component they will be rewarded with the parts necessary to build, decorate, and race their car. After the cars are built, each team will compete in a series of races on our custom built track. The winning team will be crowned based car design and racing results!

At the completion of the event the cars you built will be donated to a local pediatrics hospital or the charity of your choice.
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Fundraising Games
At cityHUNT we strive to make the world a better place by helping non-profits raise the capital and awareness needed to fulfill their missions. In today’s society there are many Team Buildingdifferent options for non-profits to raise funds. cityHUNT‘s unique adventures and customizable events will help you reach your goals in a fun, new and exciting way.

If you have a passionate group of supporters who are eager to get involved and raise awareness for your cause then we are here to help! We don’t run black tie galas, auctions, or pledge drives. Instead, we build fully customized scavenger hunt adventures. cityHUNT FUNdraisers get participants to “HUNT for your CAUSE”.



For more information on any event, please contact us through our online form.